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Geek Culture
League of Legends 2019 World Championship: The Phoenix flies high
FunPlus Phoenix are your League of Legends 2019 World Champions!
Esports X Cars: PlayBook Esports Officially Partners With LausAutoGroup
Car dealership company LausAutoGroup has joined esports by cementing their partnership with PlayBook Esports.
Big Updates, FF Tactics Gameplay, and Everything about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius at ESGS 2019
Here’s everything you need to know about the state of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the upcoming War of the Visions!
Here are some of the new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3
New vaccuum device, new multiplayer modes, and more, here are some of the new features coming with Luigi’s Mansion 3.
Here Are The Biggest Video Games Coming Out in November 2019
Here are some of the biggest video games set to come out in November 2019!
PLDT-Smart Brought the Cyber City to ESGS 2019!
Here’s what PLDT-Smart’s Cyber City had in store for the attendees of last weekend’s ESGS 2019!
Here Are Some of Cosplays We Saw at ESGS 2019!
Here are just some of the great cosplays we saw at last weekend’s ESGS 2019!
ESGS 2019: Three days of fun and activities
The biggest gaming convention in the Philippines once again lived up to the hype and then some!
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
Sibol partners with Smart for the 30th SEA Games
Sibol has announced its partnership with Smart Communications Inc. at a press conference earlier today. The cash incentive campaign from Smart called “Get Gold!” was launched and the test event was also announced at the press conference.
Gaming | Sea Games 2019
The Sibol x PBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang exhibition match at ESGS 2019
PBA players Kiefer Ravena and Ryan Araña joined Sibol – MLBB in an exhibition match at ESGS 2019!
Our Five Favorite Booths at ESGS 2019
Here are five booths that caught our attention at ESGS 2019!
Gaming | Geek Culture
Five Artist and Merchandise booths to visit at ESGS 2019
Merch, stickers, art, here are five booths we recommend you to check out at ESGS 2019!
Here’s what you can expect at ESGS 2019
Here’s what you can expect to see at ESGS 2019!
ESGS 2019: Tech Deals You Definitely Need to Check Out
Here are some of the tech deals that you should definitely check out this weekend at ESGS 2019!
Geek Culture
Here Are Our SUPERMANILA Highlights!
Christmas came a little early for comic fans as Supermanila 2019 brought out all the famous Pinoy artists and creators that you’ve read about since childhood!
Another year of exciting esports and gaming at ESGS 2019!
Games, esports, and tech, ESGS 2019 is set to give gamers another exciting event this year!
Geek Culture
SUPERMANILA Assembles Legendary Filipino Comicbook Artists This Weekend!
Great comics, legendary Pinoy comicbook creators, toys, and lots more are going to be at SUPERMANILA this weekend!
A New Player’s Minecraft Experience in 2019
I played Minecraft in 2019, I may be late to the party but I get it and I love it!