5 VGM Piano Covers That’ll Leave You Inspired
Posted by Donna Almonte March 02, 2020

From Final Fantasy to NieR:Automata, there’s no denying that the music in video games has moved us; sometimes even more than epic movie themes by the likes of Hans Zimmer. By itself, a piece from a game conveys what the characters and surroundings are trying to say. Inside the game, it complements every scene, setting the mood for battle, rest, and despair.

It’d be a shame if VGM (Video Game Music) only existed within our consoles. Luckily, we can listen to beautiful VGM piano music anytime! YouTube and Spotify artists like TPR, Kyle Landry, and Franco Albertini have been producing VGM to fuel the soundtrack of our mundane lives. 

Stripping the video game composition down to its core as a piano cover helps us to appreciate every note. Here are some of our favorite VGM piano covers so that you can start and end the day with a little bit of magic.

Those Who Fight (FFVII) piano cover by Kyle Landry


With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, this piano cover of the iconic battle theme by Nobuo Uematsu will help you feel the hype! Kyle Landry is one of the most popular VGM pianists on YouTube. He’s been actively churning out VGM vids since 2007. This rendition of the most difficult FF piano collection piece—admittedly, his third upload of the same piece—shows his dedication to perfecting the craft. Feel ready to win the battle of the day with this powerful cover. 

Check out his other amazing piano performances! From Kingdom Hearts to Disney, the sound is sure to be of high quality. 

Silence Before The Storm (FFX) by Verdegrand, Arranged by Vincent Lo

Tonal harmony. Fluidity. Clarity. All that and more will put you in a daydreaming mood as you listen to this perfect take on the “Calm Before The Storm” from Final Fantasy X.  Be mesmerized as Verdegrand totally captures the serene mood of Macalania Forest with the use of an electric keyboard. Props to Vincent Lo’s perfect arrangement of this, despite it being not included in the official piano collections sheet. 

Note: There are too many amazing Final Fantasy covers out there! Try Theme of Love from FFIV (this one has piano + violin + saxophone) or Sunleth Waterscape (The Promise) from FFXIII if you’re not a fan of the ones we mentioned above. 

25 Minutes Of Pokemon Piano (R/S/E) by Darren Ang

Ah, remember the times in Pokemon Ruby when we would fly from town to town just to listen to the music? The struggle of going through bike puzzles in a humongous tower just to capture the legendary Rayquaza? Reminisce the charming Hoenn region with this live, 25-minute recording of R/S/E tunes. It’s played with overflowing warmth and enthusiasm by Darren Ang. His channel is super underrated compared to others. He makes all the sheet music that he plays accessible to everyone, too—super cool if you aspire to learn the same pieces. 

Beneath The Mask (Persona 5) by Purple Schala

Anyone who’s played Persona 5 would recognize the anthem of our bespectacled protagonist’s tortured soul—that’s right, Beneath The Mask! This performance by Purple Schala has the right syncopation, the perfect tempo, and the bold bass notes. Listen to this with an espresso and curry rice inside a dimly-lit cafe during the evening for the ultimate chill. 

Yearnings Of The Wind (Chrono Trigger) by Kara Comparetto, Arranged by Zohar

Kara Comparetto is a classically trained piano virtuoso who deeply admires famed Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu’s work. (Actually, who isn’t a fan of his?) While she also releases classical music, like The Nutcracker on piano, she plays Final Fantasy, Disney, Chrono Trigger and NieR: Automata. Here’s one of our favorites from her channel: her flawless interpretation of Yearnings Of The Wind, arranged by Zohar. Even if Chrono Trigger was released way back in 1995 on the SNES, its heartwarming music remains unforgettable. 

What’s your favorite video game OST? Let us know in the comments!


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