THE DIALOGUE: Walking the Esports Lane with Coach Arcadia
Posted by Yuri Mangahas June 07, 2020

“Losing only happens when you give up.”


Truth be told, Coach Arcadia’s words became the very creed that the back-to-back MPL-PH champions Sunsparks lived by in the past two seasons of the tourney. It was the team’s synergy, mechanical skills, discipline, and tenacity that brought them to the top, bringing forth a new stage in the history of the MPL.


We had an opportunity to chat with Coach Arcadia to know more about his esports journey, the preparations his team did in the MPL, and their plans for the future.


How did you begin your career in esports?

I started playing Mobile Legends when it was first released. My former team back then was XPG. We were able to participate in the MSC SEA cup PH finals back in 2017. After that, I switched to another mobile game to play professionally for Bren Esports. 


Coach Arcadia participated in the first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup in 2017 under the banner of XPG.


Can you tell us how you were drafted to Sunsparks?

Following my pro player stint with Bren Esports, our former coach, Coach Leathergoods, invited me to return to Mobile Legends as a coach for the Sunsparks team.


Coach Arcadia took Sunsparks under his wing after Coach Leathergoods’ successful stint in the team.


Let’s talk about the MPL. Your boys made it as the league’s back-to-back champs. How does it feel winning the crown?

Well, I still can’t sleep these past few nights. The feeling is still surreal. It’s just so hard to put in words how happy I am right now.


How did you prepare your team in line with the playoffs?

On top of grinding every single day, we don’t underestimate any team. Even if we are in the upper bracket, we still study the opponents in the lower bracket. Whatever their ranking is, we prepare for all of them. One important step of our preparation is the methodological approach in trying to predict how each of our opponents think.


Have you encountered any issues on your way to the final? How are you guys able to address them?

Of course! We had to overcome a LOT of roadblocks in order to get this trophy. There were also unfortunate events that we had to go through. I, personally, wasn’t able to join my team physically in our headquarters during the playoffs due to an emergency. But nowadays technology is really great! We were able to do all our preparation including analysis, reviews, etc. by using apps that have screen sharing. Basically, it was like a classroom online lesson with them watching my screen. I was even able to join the draft session of the games through video call. 


Overall, our journey was a roller coaster ride. We had to make a lot of sacrifices. Some of our days don’t always end with flying colors, but these challenges are what made us stronger. We live by the code that losing only happens when you give up.


What’s next for you and the team?

Our motivation is still through the roof. In fact, we are already excited for the next MPL season. We are ready to embrace new challenges that we will face together as a family.


Sunsparks celebrates after a hard-fought rematch against their nemesis, ONIC PH.


With the kind of momentum Coach Arcadia and Sunsparks have, the two-time champs are truly posed to take on new battles and challengers. Make no mistake: the Sun’s spark will continue to shine in the sixth season of the league.

Excited for more Mobile Legends: Bang Bang action? Stay tuned to GGNetwork for more details in line with the future seasons of the MPL.

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