1 Billion PC Gamers and Counting

The world’s most important consumer trade show, CES 2018, has come to a close. That said, it is important not to overlook the world’s most important form of consumer entertainment: PC gaming.

The $33 billion USD PC gaming market is growing exponentially. To start, there are now more than 1 billion PC gamers globally, a figure that is expected to grow to 1.4 billion by the year 2020.

The data shows why esports has emerged as the world’s newest spectator sport, on track to garner 600 million fans by 2020, almost twice as much from 2016 alone.

It also explains why watching people play video games has become one of the world’s largest mass mediums, with more than 650 million people watching on YouTube and

Games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are leading the charge. Following its phenomenal success that happened almost overnight, millions of gamers flocked into the game, and the viewing audience followed suit.

As of today, 200 million have watched players battle it out in PUBG, 10 times the size of the audience for Sunday Night American Football. It outpaces the 25 million gamers who actually play the game.

With popular software tools such as Nvidia’s Ansel, a lot of casual fans have been drawn into immersive AAA game worlds for in-game photography, which has become an art-form in its own with millions of fans.

With the PC platform technologically advancing at a rapid rate, it will attract even more developers which will contribute to the virtuous cycle of drawing bigger crowds.

New services such as GeForce Now, an upcoming cloud-based game streaming service will be able to freely distribute AAA gaming to more than 1 billion PC gamers worldwide who don’t have the systems equipped with high-end components to enjoy PC blockbusters. The same can be said for Mac owners, as GeForce Now allows Mac users to play PC titles.

Make no mistake, PC Gaming is not dead and the opposite is true. We are living in age of unprecedented technological progress, and gaming is at the forefront.