2017 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 1: Cloud9 dominates Group B

The League of Legends 2017 World Championship Play-In Stage kicked off today, and teams from Group A and Group B were the first to battle it out on stage. At the end of day 1, it was the NA-team Cloud9 that took top spot in Group B after wiping the floor against Team oNe eSports and Dire Wolves.

In second place for Group B is Dire Wolves; while the Oceanic team was stomped by Cloud9 previously, they bounced back and took a convincing win over Brazilian team oNe. Team oNe is currently at last place with zero wins in day 1.

Cloud9 vs Team oNe eSports

Cloud9 vs. Team oNe started without much action, as both teams were content to farm after a few early skirmishes. It was only in the 12-minute mark that Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen and Juan “Contractz” Garcia managed to get First Blood on Bruno “Brucer” Pereira in the mid lane. Jensen proceeded to dominate Brucer in the mid, leading to a fairly significant gold/cs lead for the NA squad.

In the mid game, C9 started to take down oNe’s towers, and the Brazilians weren’t able to take objectives of their own. C9 extended their lead more, and they went for Baron at the 22-minute mark. Team oNe did prevent C9 from killing Baron with a kill on Contracts, though C9 answered with two kills of their own.

After failing to take Baron, C9 went for it again, this time they were successful.  With the Baron Buff in hand, Cloud9 broke through team oNe’s high ground easily. In the end, it was Cloud9 that won the game at the 30 minute mark.

Cloud9 vs. Dire Wolves

Cloud9’s second game of the day went much like their first, as Jensen and Contractz again took first blood on the enemy mid laner, this time on Shern “Shernfire” Tai of Dire Wolves. Contractz then made a few more successful ganks as the early game progressed.

With their pick-offs in the early game, C9 was able to build up a significant gold lead in the mid game. And they solidified their lead in a team fight 22 minutes in where they were able to take a 2 for nothing trade.

Heading into the later stages, Cloud9’s gold lead ballooned to over 10k, Dire Wolves weren’t able to come back as C9 won the game with an 11-3 score 27 minutes in. With their win, the NA squad ended Day 1 with a 2-0 result.

Dire Wolves vs. Team oNe eSports

The final game of the day was Dire Wolves vs. Team oNe eSports. Fans were hoping for the game to be close, but it was far from it. Dire Wolves found kills throughout the early game, thanks to great rotations by Shernfire. Though Dire Wolves solidified their lead 14 minutes in, as they forced a team fight in bottom which netted them 3 kills while they gave up none.

The mid game was all Dire Wolves, as they just dominated oNe; they even extended their kill lead 16-1 and their gold lead to 15k. At the 25-minute mark, Dire Wolves ended the game in convincing fashion, and they finished day 1 with a 1-1 result.