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5 Cool Things We Spotted at The Marvel 80 Years Experience
Posted by Raphael Leynes August 29, 2019

In celebration of Marvel’s 80th anniversary this year, SM Supermalls has teamed up with the House of Ideas for this one-of-a-kind experience at the The Block  at SM North EDSA. The Marvel 80 Years Experience only runs this week from August 27- September 1! Don’t you dare miss it! As fans of all things nerdy we here at GG Network sure didn’t want to let this  spectacular exhibit slip by so hopped on the first Quinjet over to see what we can find!

Here are the 5 best things we uncovered!

Giant Comicbook Covers


When you first enter the massive booth you’ll be greeted giant blown up versions of some of the most famous Marvel comicbook covers. Some of these such as Tales of Suspense #39 and Amazing Fantasy #15 contain the first ever  appearances of popular Marvel superheroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man respectively. Our favorite is Captain America #1 where Cap is famously socking Hitler in the face. There are also giant versions of iconic comicbook covers such as world-shattering The Infinity Gauntlet and ground-breaking Secret Wars crossover event!






Incredible Toy Displays


Bringing together the almighty power of Pinoy Lego Users Group, Hot Toys and Hasbro’s Marvel Legends, The Marvel 80 Years Experience is home to the most meticulously detailed, beautifully designed toys and dioramas this side of the Bifrost. Our favorites are the Lego Stan Lee Portrait, paying tribute to The Man himself; the amazingly-crafted Lego Nano Gauntlet; and the sleek and stylish Hot Toys Iron Man Mark L!









Hidden Gems on the Walls


If you’re a comicbook nut like us, you’ll find  plenty of hidden gems in the many comicbook panels that adorn the walls of the exhibit. You’ll find nods to the futuristic 2099 universe, The Supaidaman (Japanese Spiderman TV Series), some screencaps from the old Marvel Superheroes Videogame and  even some deliciously campy Rob Liefeld art!





Catch the Wave!


It brings us great joy that there’s a whole wall dedicated to Marvel’s first filipino superhero Wave! Designed by veteran filipino comicbook artist Leinil Yu, Wave has recently made a splash (heh) in the comicbook scene on the pages of New Agents of Atlas and Aero where she joins other asian superheroes in fending off foes from the Pacific. This wall at the Marvel 80 Years Experience collects all the covers and variant cover art of the Wave with the gorgeous art of Mico Suayan front and center!


Merch Booths and Activity Zones


The Marvel 80 Years Experience also has a place to grab cool Marvel-themed merchandise like shirts, shoes, hoodies and toys if the spirit compels you. There are also experiential zones where you can play as your favorite Marvel heroes in the various mobile games, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Puzzle Quest. 

As you may know, we love Marvel Strike Force, so it’s great to see it in the spotlight like this where everyone can create an account and join in on the fun!









All in all, we enjoyed our time at the Marvel 80 Years Experience. Just seeing the giant versions of classic Marvel Comicbook covers is enough to warm the heart of any self respecting comic fan. Add to that the little hidden easter eggs on the walls, the awesome toy exhibits and activity zones and you have a experience that no comicbook fan should miss!

Catch the Marvel 80 Years Experience at The Block at SM North EDSA from now until this Sunday September 1! Don’t you dare miss it!

What was your favorite part of the Marvel 80 Years experience? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook Page!

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