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5 New Experiences in Catherine: Full Body
Posted by Martin Patino on September 06, 2019

The remake of the critically acclaimed, cult classic Catherine is finally out and it includes a whole slew of new content for fans and new players to check out. From new characters and stages to new ways to play, Catherine: Full Body is brimming with fresh experiences that will make it feel like a whole new game. Here are five of the biggest changes and additions that Catherine: Full Body is introducing:

A Third “Rin”

Probably the biggest addition to the remake is Rin, a new love interest for Vincent. Rin is a stark contrast from both Catherine and Katherine, with a kinder and more timid personality. Unlike Catherine and Katherine, Vincent doesn’t automatically enter into a romantic relationship with Rin. Here’s the official description of Rin from the official website:

“As tensions rise between Katherine and Catherine, a third “Rin” serves as Vincent’s calm amid the storm. The two met under tumultuous circumstances as Rin was fleeing an unknown pursuer, but life soon returns to normal… or as normal as it can be when all you remember is your name.”

New Cutscenes/Endings

Full Body also features a whole set of new animated cutscenes and endings. There are a total of 20 new cutscenes and five new endings. The new cutscenes are divided among Catherine, Katherine, and Rin to develop their characters further while the new endings include three endings for Rin (True, Good, and Bad) and one new alternate ending for Catherine and Katherine.

New Stages

If 20 new cutscenes weren’t enough, Full Body now also features over 500 stages for players to complete. That’s twice the number of the original. These include new stages for the Rapunzel mini-game. Additionally, there are also new stages for the Babel and Colosseum game modes. Both modes are also automatically playable and don’t need to be unlocked.

Two Game Modes

Apart from the new stages, the game now also comes with two game modes – Classic and Remix. The Classic (or Standard in the Japanese version) game mode allows players to go through the classic unaltered stages from the original with only minor adjustments while Remix (Arrange in the Japanese version) features new mechanics and tricks for players to learn and overcome.

Safety Difficulty

For players that just want to go through the story or those who are having a really hard time with the puzzles, Full Body now comes with a new Safety difficulty setting. The new setting opens several gameplay options so players can have an easier time going through the puzzles. In Safety, players can switch off Game Overs and time limits as well as skip puzzles altogether. Players can also turn on Autoplay (also available in Easy) to help them get through difficult portions of the puzzles.

Catherine: Full Body is now available on the PlayStation 4 in both a digital and physical versions. Sadly, the PS Vita version will only be available in Japan.

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