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5 Plus VJ Spotlight: Ariana Conechado
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on April 26, 2019

The launch of 5Plus, the home of esports on free TV and The Nationals, the Philippines’ biggest esports tournament, has allowed quite a variety of talents to show the nation what they do best. From the different players to the VJs, correspondents, and casters, each has shown their passion and love for esports and their respective craft.

One of these talents is 5Plus VJ, Ariana Conechado. Growing up in the United States, Ariana began her journey being in front of a camera after doing travel vlogs on Youtube. This led to her joining and hosting the Filipino-American show, Adobo Nation. From there she continued to pursue hosting, this time locally for Paydro before ultimately finding her way to 5Plus as a VJ for The Nationals.

I did a little bit of Youtube back when it wasn’t so big. I was doing a bit of a travel vlog. Before I was based here, I’d travel here for vacation. I’d vlog about places that I’d go to like Boracay or places in Batangas, my hometown. Not so much now but back then, I’d make a bit of videos and I enjoyed producing and editing them. That’s how I got my first hosting gig. That was a lot of fun.”

It wasn’t just her passion for hosting that drew her to The Nationals though. Growing up with three brothers, Ariana was introduced in the world of gaming early on. She recalled playing early CounterStrike and Red Alert on desktop. While she didn’t delve deep into the world of gaming and esports earlier on, it’s returning to gaming and learning about esports that excites her the most.

I used to play CounterStrike and Red Alert. Those were what my brothers would let me play at the time. I would say that I was a pretty good player for CounterStrike, let’s put it out there. Haha! That [playing] was a lot of fun. I actually miss it.”

Ariana moved to the Philippines about late February of this year. Prior to which, she’d visit the country during semester break. It was having stumbled upon the Philippine-based Paydro hosting gig that led to her decision to move here.

I saw that there was potential and work for me so I was stoked and happy because this [the Philippines] is where I want to be. I know it’s strange to hear since everyone wants to go to the States but there was just something that was always drawing me back here. I’m just fortunate to find work and enjoying and loving the kind of work that I do.”

Since moving to the Philippines, Ariana has gotten into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, mostly because of friends that also play it. She admitted that her skill on the widely popular mobile MOBA is at a “beginner level, for sure.”

She looks to ease her way back into gaming to help her present gaming and more specifically The Nationals better. She looks to do so through immersing herself in the games themselves and through conversing with her fellow Vjs and friends.

Since gaming is quite new to me and I’m trying to dive deep into it. Just so I have the same enthusiasm when I’m talking about and introducing it to the viewers.”

Gaming, esports, and being a VJ are all relatively new for Ariana and aside from the challenge, it was seeing her fellow Vjs talk about gaming while waiting for their turn in their photo shoot last month.

I think I’ll put in a little more work in preparing in being a VJ because it’s something that I’m reintroducing to myself. But I’m genuinely excited about it! Just sitting here, meeting the other VJs and listening to their conversations about the gaming world and what they’re into makes me want to have that. I’m just really stoked about it!”

Catch Ariana and the rest of the VJs bring you the hottest gaming news and tournaments on 5Plus, the home of esports on free TV!

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