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5 Plus VJ Spotlight: Bea Benedicto
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on May 06, 2019

The launch of 5Plus, the home of esports on free TV and The Nationals, the Philippines’ biggest esports tournament, has allowed quite a variety of talents to show the nation what they do best. From the different players to the VJs, correspondents, and casters, each has shown their passion and love for esports and their respective craft.

Bea Benedicto is one of these talents that has joined 5Plus as a VJ. Bea prior to auditioning and joining 5Plus has established herself as a social media personality and has had her share of hosting for events and videos.

She recalled that she began hosting by ‘force’ courtesy of Team Manila. This encounter not only started her on the hosting path but also honed her to be more flexible when hosting.

I was so nervous that I memorized the entire script. When we got there, they just threw it out the window and they improvised everything. It stressed me out. Naging ganun na tuloy yung training ko [That became my training, so-to-speak]. I like to improv thing if possible.”

She admittedly said that she isn’t a gamer but has had her share of hosting and being involved in gaming-related videos. From guesting in GG Network’s Stream Team with Riku to hosting Kuwentong Dota for the Philippine Pro Gaming League and to setting up her own channel on the livestreaming platform Twitch.tv, Bea has had a taste of gaming and even esports.

Despite not considering herself a gamer, she has played games like Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, Doki Doki Literature Club, Rules of Survival, and also the Tekken franchise.

I never did a super gaming angled kind of hosting, so I do have a lot to learn since I’m not a hardcore gamer. I may not be a gamer but I am game!”

Because of her experience in hosting a variety of events, she has learned to adjust her preparations depending on the type of event. In formal events, She tends to follow the script and always double, triple checks that she doesn’t mispronounce anything. While for more casual events, she just brings out her normal self, injects jokes, and hugot lines [lines with deep sentimental and emotional undertones].

I tend to just practice, read a little bit, and write my notes, and we’re good to go.”

While this is the case, time to prepare just isn’t plausible for some events and when this does happen, she just does what must be done and has fun. This is where the improvisation she learn early on in her hosting career has assisted Bea.

You got to do what you got to do. Have fun. Let loose. Don’t be stiff and you’ll be fine. That’s what I tell myself all the time kapag kinakabahan ako [That’s what I tell myself all the time when I get nervous.]

Taking on the role as a VJ for gaming and esports for 5Plus, she mentions that has to prepare for it even more. Through research and playing the respective games, Bea looks to expand her gaming knowledge and prowess. Along with this, she looks to get some help from her fellow Vjs to help her in her crash course into gaming and esports terminologies.

There’s so much to learn pa rin. Kailangan ko i-step-by-step kasi di naman ako gamer when I was in my teenage years [I need to go through it step-by-step because I wasn’t a gamer when I was in my teenage years]. People were playing Dota while I was eating chips at home and watching tv. There’s so much catching up to do.”

Bea, being new to the gaming and esports world, has seen this as an opportunity to grow and introduce herself to both gaming and esports. But for her, the tournaments and the energy, hype, and excitement from these tournaments are what truly excites her.

I’m most excited about the main tournaments for this. We’re now going to introduce the games to people but the culminating event will be super exciting! It will be really nice to be a part of it, maybe watch it live.”

It’s time to dig deep and be a part of gaming and esports!”

Catch Bea and the rest of the VJs bring you the hottest gaming news and tournaments on 5Plus, the home of esports on free TV!

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