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5Plus VJ Spotlight: Kim Cruz
Posted by Martin Patino June 05, 2019

The launch of 5Plus, the home of esports on free TV and The Nationals, the Philippines’ biggest esports tournament, has given many individuals the opportunity to showcase their talents. From professional players and casters to correspondents and VJs, 5Plus and The Nationals are really bringing esports and gaming as well as the individual talents behind that comprise it a chance in the limelight. One of those talents is Kim Cruz, one of the new 5Plus VJs.

Before becoming as a 5Plus VJ, Kim was a music VJ for a local music channel. She’s also a vlogger, influencer, and events host. In addition to all the hats she wears, she’s was also taking a fine arts course before deciding to take a break to figure out her path. She does confess that while balancing studying and working can feel fulfilling, she enjoys working more.

“Before auditioning, I was actually a music VJ for a music channel so it’s quite different from video games. I also do vlogging, influencer, and events hosting work. And I’m also a student. It’s fulfilling in a way but also tiring ‘cos sometimes you have to choose between the two so you can’t really avoid that but I guess I love working more.”

Her time as a music VJ gave her the experience and training that she’s now able to use a 5Plus VJ. One of those things is learning how to prepare for hosting and VJ work by memorizing her lines through reading through them repeatedly until she’s able to not only say them in her head but also say them out loud. It’s a process she takes to make sure she doesn’t make mistakes

“I think my first time as a VJ was quite an experience ‘cos it was my first time entering hosting in general. So I wasn’t really a host before I became a VJ so I had to try out and do a competition and everything and I won so it was a good training ground for me ‘cos I had no idea how to do it when I did my first taping so I think it really helped now that I’m more mature/older that I have more experience about it so it’s easier for me to memorize lines or it’s easier for me to connect with the audience in a way. “

“I usually read my lines a lot. I read through them until I memorize them and then I say them in my head until I get to actually say it so it’s quite the process ‘cos I don’t want to mess up once I’m actually doing it. So I think the memorization is the difficult part.”

Being a 5Plus VJ for esports is definitely a big change from being a music VJ and Kim shares the adjustments she believes she’s had to make for the transition. She also says she’s trying to learn the concepts, phrases, and terminologies used in esports to really get into her new role.

“I think it’s a big adjustment ‘cos it’s music to esports so they’re two very different things and if I really want to get into hosting not just esports but sports itself as well it’s really going to take a lot of knowledge. Because I guess with music it’s easy to talk about ‘cos if you listen to music a lot, which I do, it’s just easy to host or talk about it but with this you have to be really knowledgeable. So it’s a big step for me ‘cos it’s from something that’s a hobby into something you really want to learn about.”

“It’s actually very new to me, the whole concept and everything. I’ve been watching more sports casting now ‘cos it’s very different from hosting a music channel because with music you just have to say stuff about other bands or you have to review artists but this is quite different because there’s so many concepts you have to learn and the different games and they’re all different. I guess you have to immerse yourself in the games so I want to try them out and try to learn the concepts, the phrases, and words ‘cos I don’t want to be clueless when I’m up there. And maybe read more about the news about them.”

We asked Kim what she believes will be the biggest challenge she’ll face as a 5Plus VJ for esports and The Nationals and she says that learning and understanding the terminologies and concepts of the esports titles she’ll be hosting for will be the biggest she’ll have to deal with. She also shared why she thinks it’s important for her to learn more about esports and gaming as a host.

“Probably the terms. Sometimes they confuse me. What’s this? How can you win this game? I didn’t know that esports was so serious now because I always playing for fun and I never knew it was actually competitive across the globe. So there’s real sports then there’s The Nationals. It’s very intense. So I think that’s the difficulty for me to learn all the concepts in a short amount of time.

“If you’re hosting something you’re clueless about, it’s possible, but it’ll show ‘cos you’re not really passionate about what you’re talking about or you don’t know what you’re talking about. So it’s going to show when you’re hosting or you’re VJ’ing so I think it’s really important for me to try to learn more about the stuff I’m going to host.”

We also asked Kim what she’s most excited about in her new role a 5Plus VJ for esports and along with helping breaking the stereotype that women don’t know a lot about esports and gaming she also wants to show a different side of her than what she usually shows on social media.

“To show people that I’m more than just a music VJ or more than just being girly or feminine ‘cos on social media I’m very girl, I’m very feminine and that’s how it comes out. So this is a completely different side of me, in general, so I’m very excited about that.”

Kim isn’t all about work though as she enjoys spending time with her dog at home during her free time. She also likes watching TV, reading books, and playing video games on her PS4. She’s also looking forward to trying other games such as Counter-Strike and Dota 2.

“During my free time I play with my dog, I stay at home. I enjoy staying at home more. ‘Cos I don’t really get stay at home when I work and my work entails going out sometimes and socializing so in my free time I just really like staying at home, watching TV, playing video games, reading a book. Chill stuff.”

You can catch Kim and the rest of the 5Plus VJs bring you the hottest gaming news and tournaments on 5Plus, the home of esports on free TV!

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