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9 Things You May Have Missed in the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!
Posted by Raphael Leynes on January 17, 2019

The trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home just dropped and we’ve been meticulously combing it for hidden secrets! We’ve managed to come up with quite a few juicy Easter Eggs so here they all are:


The trailer starts of with Aunt May presenting Spider-Man to a crowd of people at a homeless shelter. The place is very reminiscent of the F.E.A.S.T Project which is a charitable shelter founded by Martin Li (AKA Mister Negative) as a front for his criminal activities. However, we doubt that Marvel would touch this bit of lore for Far From Home, especially since the whole storyline had already been prominently featured in the recent Spider-Man PS4 game.

Pepper Potts Check

It should come as no surprise that the check that Happy Hogan is holding, is signed by Pepper Potts-after all, she is the CEO of Stark Industries. What’s interesting to note is that she seems to have a new title on the face of the check and that’s of Co-Founder and Chair, Stark Relief Foundation. The new organization appears to be the more humanitarian face of Stark Industries judging by its name and the significant donation to the homeless shelter.

Delmar’s Deli-Grocery

It seems that Del-Mar’s Deli-Grocery, the grocery store/sandwich shop (or Bodega) from Spider-Man: Homecoming is back in business. Del-Mar’s was destroyed by some thugs wielding high-tech weapons in the first movie so it’s good to see it back along with Mr. Del Mar and Murph the cat.

The newspapers on display on the top-right of the photo above also have the headlines “Top Queens Bodega Destroyed in Blast” and “Deli Destroyed” commemorating the date that decimated the establishment. There are also pictures of Mr. Delmar with Spider-Man up there which makes it seem that the former is very appreciative of the fact that the latter saved his life.

Peter Parker’s Passport

Probably the juiciest easter egg in the trailer is the straight up shot of Peter Parker’s Passport. First of all, look at that confident smile, it’s nice to see  that not even Spider-Man is spared from having terrible passport photos.

We also see Pete’s date of birth, Aug 10 but without a specific year stated. This is a cool little nod to the character’s origins because August 10 is the same date that Amazing Fantasy #15 was published where Spider-Man made his debut in 1962. 


More of Uncle Ben’s Influence

In a blink-and-you’ll miss it moment, when Peter Parker packs his suitcase the letters BFP are engraved under the handle. This shows that this particular piece of luggage was owned by Pete’s beloved late uncle Benjamin F. Parker. Typically known as Ben Parker, the “F.” might stand for “Franklin” as the character was modeled after American founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

It has been widely speculated that Peter’s love for old movies was due to Uncle Ben having been a film buff and showed him his favorite flicks. Through the course of the previous movies, Peter is shown quoting from seminal classics such as Star Wars and Aliens and it all might be because of Uncle Ben’s influence. In Far From Home, it seems that movies might not be the only thing that the two bonded over and that Uncle Ben might have been a big baseball fan as well. 

 We see in Peter’s room a flag  with “Piazza 31/ Hall of Fame” written on it . This likely pertains to Hall of Famer Mike Piazza, a legendary Catcher for the New York Mets who wears the number 31 jersey. Piazza left the Mets in 2005 which, considering the Marvel movies happen in present day,  would place Peter a very young age. It would stand to reason that Piazza was a Uncle Ben’s favorite player and he once again shared this and the love of baseball with his young nephew, Peter.  

 Suit Up!

Let’s do a round-up of all the new suits we’ve seen in the trailer!

First up there’s the new red and black Far From Home Suit  that’s just a different colorway of the Homecoming Suit:

There’s also the new all-black Stealth Suit that has flip-down goggles on top of a ski-mask textured facewear complete with chest and shoulder armor:

and of course there’s the new, heavily Asgardian-inspired Mysterio suit making its debut.

It’s interesting to note that the Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home presents himself as a hero instead of a villain like he is in the comics. Given the character’s background as a Hollywood Stunt man and special FX expert, I wouldn’t put it past him if this whole charade is just a clever ruse to deceive people of his true nefarious intentions.

A clever ruse that involves…

The Elementals

The trailer heavily featured gargantuan creatures that appeared to resemble The Elementals from Marvel Comics lore. The Elementals are a group of otherworldly beings that each embodied a different element of the earth. They are as follows:

Hydron, who controls the power of Water


Hellfire, who wields the power of molten lava and fire.

Magnum, who can manipulate the earth, its minerals and rocks


There is also a fourth elemental named Zephyr that is never shown in the trailer as far as I can tell. She is the only female in the group and could control the winds and air.

Quite frankly, the whole Elementals thing is a little out of left field. Giant colossal entities just suddenly spring out from the earth to wreak havoc? Seems just too fantastical for a Spider-Man movie. This coupled with the earlier point that Mysterio is suspiciously acting like a good guy seems to indicate that the Elementals themselves are just really Mysterio’s creations serving a vessel to paint Mysterio as a good guy ala Watchmen’s Adrian Veidt or The Incredibles’ Syndrome.

There’s also a bit of confusing mixed signals that contradict with our next few Easter eggs…

Amazing Spider-Man 212

In the scene with Ned Leeds having his picture taken, there’s a boat that passes by bearing the plate number “ASM 212“. Any keen-eyed comic book fan will recognize that ASM is short for Amazing Spider-Man and number 212 could be an issue number of the comic. With some cursory googling, we arrived with the Amazing Spider-Man #212:


The debut of Hydro-Man! Where sailor Morrie Bench is accidentally thrown by Spider-Man into the sea along with an experimental machine that turns him into Hydro-Man, a vengeful crook with the power to turn into water, and seeks retribution against Spider-Man!

Here’s another piece of the pie…

2865 SEP

In the scene where MJ, Ned and crew run away from the giant explosion we see a car with the license plate: “2865 SEP“. “SEP”, of course, immediately raises suspicion as the shorthand for “September” and “65” could mean 1965  a year within the golden age of Spider-Man comics. This leaves 28 as either the day of publication or the issue number. Inputting all these into the Google machine, we came up with:

Another jackpot! This time we find the debut of  the Molten Man, which was issue number 28 of the Amazing Spider-Man comics and was the released in September 1965!

So which is it Marvel? Is it Hydron or Hydro-Man? Is it Hellfire or The Molten Man? I guess we all just have to find out when Spider-Man: Far From Home releases on July 5

Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook Page

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