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A look into the abilities of Yuumi, the Magical Cat
Posted by Ram Ronquillo April 30, 2019

Meet Yuumi, the Magical Cat the latest champion announced by Riot Games!

After releasing a teaser and a trailer for Yuumi, it was just about time that we finally get to see her abilities and by the look of things, we have a new healing/utility support with quite a unique kit.

Her kit looks pretty straight forward but also looks like it will require a lot of decision making especially when navigating in and out of team fights. Knowing which combo of her abilities to use and when to use them will separate good from bad Yuumi players.

We may have seen Pyke released recently as the latest support but because of her abilities, she is more like Rakan than Pyke.

With that said, it’s time to take a look at her kit.

Passive – Bop ‘n’ Block

Yuumi’s passive gives her a shield and restores mana with her next attack. If she’s Attached to an ally, the shield protects her ally instead. The shield protects Yuumi or her ally until it’s broken. This has a cooldown.

Seemingly similar to Rakan’s Fey Feathers, Bop ‘n’ Block has more utility, both to herself and her allies.

Q – Prowling Projectile

Her first ability allows her to fire a missile that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit. If in flight long enough, the missile deals bonus damage and slows enemies. If Attached, she fires the missile from her ally’s position and can direct the flight path with the mouse.

On paper, it seems like Prowling Projectile has a Paddle Star-esque mechanic to it wherein the further the missile travels the more damage with the addition of a stun. It seems like this will be her sole source of damage in the laning phase especially pre-level six.

W – You and Me!

You and Me! has an active and a passive. The passive of the ability converts the AP and AD of Yuumi and her ally into Adaptive Force. This only triggers when Yuumi is Attached.

The active aspect to her second ability allows Yuumi to dash to an ally champion and attach to them. While Attached, she follows her partner’s movement and is untargetable by everything except tower damage. Her abilities fire from her ally’s location and she is unable to attack. She can Unattach after a cooldown or Attach to another teammate with no cooldown.

This ability gives her a unique mechanic. Being able to dash around and Attach herself to nearby ally champions with no cooldown seems like a good way to travel and navigate around in team fights.

E – Zoomies

Her third ability, Zoomies heals and gives a burst of movement speed. If Attached, her ally is targeted by the spell instead. The ability has two charges.

Because of the passive of You and Me! And the Attached change of Zoomies, they seem to be bread and butter combo for healing, navigating a team fight, and being as pesky as possible.

R – Final Chapter

The final and ultimate ability, Final Chapter, launches waves of magic damage from Book. These waves roots enemies that are hit multiple times. While using her ultimate, Yuumi can move, attach to ally champions, and heal.

Being one of her two offensive abilities and her only source of crowd control, landing multiple hits while also getting her other abilities off will be key in mastering Final Chapter and perhaps Yuumi.

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