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Absolute Carnage: Why You Should Be Reading It
Posted by Raphael Leynes on September 09, 2019

Absolute Carnage is the hottest Venom crossover event to hit your comic shelves right now. There’s been just two issues out and it’s already been quite the intense thrill ride. Here’s a quick look at how the books been shaping up so far.

So a little story recap, Carnage is basically a God now. And he’s going after everyone who’s ever worn a symbiote! Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, Captain America, Wolverine, that random tourist in an obscure issue, he’s coming for them all!  Carnage’s new found powers comes from fusing with the ancient symbiote known as Grendel giving him as the ability to control and convert other living organisms into his army of vicious blood thirsty symbiote monsters.

In order to stop the psychotic symbiote-god, Eddie Brock must team up with Spider-Man to prevent Carnage from harvesting the Codexes-microscopic remnants of symbiotes that live on their hosts even long after they’re separated-before he amasses unquantifiable power and the world falls into absolute carnage.

Penned by seasoned Venom writer Donny Cates, the story for Absolute Carnage has been brewing for the better part of the year and has taken countless months of preparation just for the first issue alone. Now just two issues in with a third on the way very soon and I can already tell we’re going to be in for a wild and crazy ride. Cates gives us a tale that is equal parts emotional, action-packed and terrifying. His experience with the central character Venom/ Eddie Brock is front and center here as Cates pulls threads from the character’s mythos both new and old. Past relationships are explored, old allies and enemies return and even some more current story beats influence the narrative. He is at home in this universe and his writing definitely shows it.

In the art department, Penciller Ryan Stegman and Inker JP Mayer are brilliant choices for this title. Stegman draws beautifully expressive faces perfectly conveying the emotion and tone of the characters as well as the scenes. However, where the art really shines is in showing the unsettling and borderline macabre symbiotes. Stegman and Mayer hold nothing back when it comes to their grotesque depictions of the book’s many symbiotes, with tendrils and spires exploding in different directions to horrifying effect. The colors by Frank Martin does well to accentuate the art. His use of dull tonal hues for some of the books more low-key moments provides a great contrast to his bold swathes of crimson during the high-intensity scenes. I do have some misgivings about how his colors sometimes creates awkward lighting on Spider-Man’s mask but this a minor nitpick.

On top of all of that, A LOT OF THINGS HAVE HAPPENED in just the first two issues alone. Doing my best to dance around spoilers while also whetting you’re appetite here are some notable occurrences and quick takes in the story so far: it’s interesting to see a villainous version of a classic hero show up to help Eddie with his troubles; the bromance between Eddie and the Venom Symbiote is quite entertaining, which includes a very powerful reunion; a deadly Spider-Man nemesis thinks he’s Cletus Cassidy/Carnage; it looks like more than a few heroes will become hungry for carnage, and can Venom and Spidey save them before it’s too late?

If that sounds like your jam then catch up on Absolute Carnage today! Also let us what you think about the book!

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