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All the Spookiest Deals from The Steam Halloween Sale!
Posted by Raphael Leynes on October 31, 2019

It’s that time once again when all manner of ghosts and ghoulies arise from our Steam wishlists,  our wallets cower in the corner, and bountiful deals tempt to fill our coffers. It’s time once again for the Steam Halloween Sale!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it! We here at GG Network put together this list of the best deals on the scariest and spookiest games we saw out there. From tiny little horror gems like Simulcra and Soma, to the mainstay classics, like Resident Evil 2 and Outlast, here are the Best Deals on the spookiest games Steam Halloween Sale 2019!

We’ve also thrown in some of these non-horror game deals that are too good to pass up! You’re welcome!

Did we miss any hidden gems? What did you take home today? Let us know in the comments below or on the GG Network Facebook Page!

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