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BenQ ZOWIE is the official monitor sponsor for PUBG Korea League
Posted by Paco Santos on July 17, 2018

BenQ Zowie is now recognized as the official monitor sponsor for PUBG Korea League 2018 Pro Tour of APL, PSS, and PWM.

All matches throughout the tournament will be played with BenQ ZOWIE’s XL2411P, while APL & PWM will be played on XL2720 eSports gaming monitors.

These tournaments embody PUBG esports at the highest professional level, and gathers the best PUBG teams in South Korea. All participating teams are certified by PUBG Corp.

PUBG Survival Series (PSS) is a premier level tournament hosted by OGN in South Korea. The season 1 qualifier was held from April to May 2018 and
the finals took place at the OGN e-STADIUM on May 19, 2018.  Top teams around the world participated in the grand tournament including Team Vitality, FaZa Clan, and OpTic Gaming.

PSS Season 1 had a total prize pool of  $110,000 USD, in which a total of 20 teams participated. The season 2 qualifier was held in June, and the finals was held the first week of July. The total prize pool was $91,000 USD.

AfreecaTV PUBG League (APL) is another premiere professional tour hosted by AfreecaTV in South Korea. It had a total prize pool of $111,000 USD. 48 teams from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Korea participated in the tournament.

Last but not the least, PUBG Warfare Masters (PWM), is also a certified premier professional tour hosted by SPOTV Games in South Korea. The tournament was invited 35 Korean teams to participate and had a total prize pool of $93,000 USD.

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