Blizzard to reveal new Overwatch Map and Animated Short at Gamescom 2017

A lack of new content has never been a problem for the Overwatch playerbase, as Blizzard pumps out new stuff for the game at a constant pace. And while it’s just been over a week since the start of the Overwatch Summer Games 2017, Blizzard is once again¬†announcing more content for the game at Gamescom 2017 this August 22-26.

At the Blizzard booth at Gamescom, attendees will be able to try out a new Overwatch map! There’s no news yet on what the new map will be, though Blizzard did say that they’ll announce it in a preview video which will be uploaded on Monday, August 21. Though quite a number of fans think the new map will be Junkertown (Roadhog and Junkrat’s place of origin) based on a data-mined voice line.

Aside from the new map, there will also be a new animated short that will be shown on Wednesday, August 22 at the main stage. Every new animated short is highly anticipated by Overwatch fans, given the excellent production quality and stories of the previously released shorts (who can forget the tear-jerker that is The Last Bastion).

These aren’t the only things that Blizzard will reveal during Gamescom 2017 though, as they also have tons of activities lined up for their other games such as the Hearthstone Global Games and the World of Warcraft European Championship.

Gamescom 2017 will take place this August 22-26. For a full list of Blizzard’s upcoming announcements, click here.