China, Norway, France, and Thailand move on to the Overwatch World Cup – Shanghai Qualifier Playoffs

Only two matches remain at the Overwatch World Cup Shanghai Qualifiers, as teams China, Norway, France, and Thailand have made it through from the Group Stage. China and France topped their respective groups with 9 points apiece, with Norway and Thailand following them in second place.

Here’s the full standings at the end of the Group Stage:

Denmark and Thailand ended the Group Stage with 4 points each, though Thailand had a slightly better win/loss record, which secured them second place.

Day 3’s first match was China vs. Hong Kong. And much like the previous series involving China, they started out dominantly. China won the first two games on Hollywood and Lijiang Tower with relative ease.

Team Hong Kong wasn’t able to mount a comeback in the next two games on Horizon and Route 66. With their 4-0 win in this series, China ended the Group Stage without a single loss.

With Norway having 3 points and Romania having only 1 coming into Day 3, Romania had to win their series against the Norwegian Squad 3-1 in order to advance from the Group Stage. Norway dashed their hopes in the first two games though, as Romania narrowly lost on Hollywood and Ilios.

Even if Romania won the next two games, they were already eliminated; but they didn’t give up on Games 3 and 4 on Volskaya and Dorado. Romania put up some decent fights, though they fell in both games in the end, which handed Norway the 4-0 series win.

The third series of the day was France vs. Denmark, which produced one of the best games of the World Cup so far. Their Game 1 on Hollywood had both teams capping 3 map point in each of their attack rounds. Rounds 3 and 4 then saw the teams again capping all 3 points in very long overtimes. The game went to rarely seen rounds 5 and 6, though in the end it was France that got the better of Denmark, and they won Game 1 8-7.

Denmark looked to bounce back in Game 2 on Nepal, and they started strongly in round 1 and 2. But France mounted successful comebacks in both rounds, as they ended the game with a 2-0 victory.

France returned to form in Game 3 on Volskaya Industries, as they rolled through the Danes to extend their lead to 3-0. Denmark finally put in a score on the board in the last game, but it was too little too late as France still emerged victorious, and they ended the series 3-1.

The last game of the Group Stage between Thailand and Argentina was a crucial one. If Thailand wins the series 4-0, they will advance to the Playoffs; but if they win 3-1, they will have to face Denmark in tiebreakers. Thailand looked poised to sweep Argentina, as they won the first two games on King’s Row and Nepal.

Argentina tried to bounce back in Game 3 on Horizon, as they pushed with plenty of time to spare after their attack round. Thailand turned it on in their attack round though, and they secured the third game on the fourth round. With the momentum on their side, Thailand dominated Argentina in Game 4 on Route 66 as they ended the series 4-0. With their 4-0 victory, Thailand moved on to the Shanghai Qualifier Playoffs.

The two remaining matches for the Overwatch World Cup Shanghai Qualifier are China vs. Thailand and France vs. Norway. The games will take place tonight, and you can watch them live here.