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Cignal Ultra Warriors crowned Grand Champions of The Nationals – Dota 2!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on June 03, 2019

Cignal Ultra Warriors, the Conference 1 champions of Dota in The Nationals, brought home the big one as they closed out the Dota 2 season as Grand Champions in an epic Season Finale!

The Conference 1 champions came out of the rubble of what can be considered a shaky Conference 2 where they fell to SUHA – Execration Punishers in a tiebreaker by the end of the regular season. This meant that the Warriors had to go through PLDT-Smart Omega in the Semifinals before facing SUHA – the Punishers again. It was here that Cignal Ultra were swept by the SUHA – Execration with the latter exacting revenge in the Finals rematch.

Having won both Conference 1 and Conference two, the paths of Cignal Ultra and SUHA – Execration would inevitably cross yet again. This time it was for the Season Finale Grand Finals. The two traded blows as they took a game apiece but in the end, the Warriors showed their heart and won the series without their captain, Erice “Erice” Guerra.

The Punishers, after the loss to the Warriors, dropped to the lower bracket where awaiting them was PLDT-Smart Omega. Despite PLDT-Smart Omega missing out on both the Conference finals, they performed just when it matters as they swept the Conference 2 champions in impressive fashion.

The first Season Finale Grand Finals was an epic best-of-five between Cignal Ultra Warriors and PLDT-Smart Omega. The Warriors showed their experience in a finals and this time had their captain alongside them. They closed out the series in four games. They controlled the game in their victories in games one, two, and four.

Ultimately, it was their smart draft in Game 4 that secured their place on top of the season. They put together an easier composition to execute with Nyx Assassin, Dark Seer, Treant Protector, Queen of Pain, and Alchemist against an all melee team from Omega. The Warriors maximized their composition from the get-go and kept the pressure throughout the game. This forced PLDT-Smart Omega to tap out 36 minutes.

Photo: Cignal Ultra Facebook page

Cignal Ultra Warriors cemented their names in The Nationals as the first Dota 2 conference champions and the Grand Champions. Along with this, they took home PHP 300,000 as Grand Champions.

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