CLASH ROYALE | Card Balances (6/12/17)

In case you missed it, yet another card balance is upon us in Clash Royale and it brings interesting mechanics and even more nerfs and buffs.

What is perhaps the biggest mechanic that will change the meta is the multiple stacking of Tornado, Poison, and Heal. This may perhaps bring a Poison/Heal + Mirror + Hog Rider/Giant back into the meta or even more Tornado + Executioner decks in the meta. If it does happen, more Elixir Collectors will be used in order to make it work.

Among the three spells though, Tornado gets a nerf with its duration decreased from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds. It will require Executioners and Baby Dragons to be played quicker in order to clear the grouped up Troops.

The Night Witch also gets a nerf with the Bat spawn lowered from 4 Bats spawn on death to 3, Bat spawn speed lowered from 5 seconds to 6 seconds, and initial Bats spawn slower. Along with this, the Bats Bat count has been lowered from 5 to 4.

One of the most efficient swarm cards to date, the Goblin Gang is also hit by a nerf with the Spear Goblin count lowered from 3 to 2. This nerf lowers its efficiency against air Troops.

Two more cards that got hit by nerfs are The Log and Skeletons. The range of The Log has been decreased from 11.6 to 11.1, keeping people from using The Log to kill the Goblin Barrel in the tower and the Princess on the bridge. While the doot count from the one Elixir Skeletons has been decreased yet again down to 3 from 4.    

It’s not all bad this balance patch though as the Bandit, Inferno Dragon, and Witch receive buffs and may see more play in the meta.

The Bandit sees a quicker Dash and higher hitpoints by 4%. Similarly, the Inferno Dragon re-targets 0.2 seconds quicker and gets higher hitpoints by 7%.

While the Witch also gets a 5% hitpoint increase, 10% more area damage radius, spawn speed up to 7 sec from 7.5 sec, and lastly initial Skeletons spawn slower.

These buffs not only makes these three Troops tankier, it makes their mechanics quicker. Seeing a deck with one of these three cards may not be so wild anymore because of the specific buffs. Time to ready the Electro Wizards, Valkyries, Fireballs, or Zaps in order to counter these.


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