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Classic RPG Xenogears Reappears in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collaboration
Posted by Martin Patino on March 31, 2019

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has launched its latest collaboration event, this time with the classic Japanese role-playing game Xenogears, that will bring new summonable characters, a raid boss battle, login bonuses, and more that are themed around the critically-acclaimed title.

The first set of content for the event will include several fan-favorite characters from Xenogears, such as Fei, Elly, Bart, Emeralda, and Rico, become available from a featured summon, as well as Chu-Chu through a raid summon.

The Elements’ Formation raid boss battle will also become available and will let players earn raid coins that they’ll be able to exchange for rewards. And starting April 5, the Desert Despair trial boss will also become available for even more rewards.

Lastly, special login bonuses as well as a free daily summon for Lapis will be available throughout the entire duration of the collaboration event.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available for free on iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

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