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Computex 2019: MSI Brings Together Top Creators, Designer to Showcase Prestige Line
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 09, 2019

At the recently concluded Computex 2019, MSI presented their new Prestige series of laptops geared towards creators that want only to be limited by their imagination and not their hardware. From this perfect blend of creativity and power comes the latest P65 Creator and P75 Creator notebooks. This line meets the highest qualifications for creative capabilities and is powered by the revolutionary NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ technology.

At Computex 2019, MSI invited several remarkable creators, photographers, concept artists and modelers to showcase just how amazing the new MSI Prestige line is as a tool for creativity as well as share their work, passion and inspiration. Throughout the weekend the creators talked about how powerful the new prestige line from MSI was and how have such technological muscle behind them helps them turn their creative vision into reality.

Colie Wertz, is a concept artist and CG modeler specializing in sci-fi spaceships, vehicles, robots and mechs.  He has worked on a lot of  high-profile movies such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Last Jedi, Captain America: Civil War, Transformers, and Iron Man, just to name a few.

During his time at center stage at the MSI Prestige booth Colie demonstrated his creative process using the new MSI P65 Creator. After narrowing down the initial concept of what he wanted to design, Colie opened a VR program and began to sculpt in VR right in front of everyone in attendance! He used the VR controls and headset to mold the general structure of the ship, spinning it around in a 3D space, adding and reshaping the features as he went along. At one point he even zoomed inside the ship to see what the viewpoint was like from the cockpit!

All this time the P65 Creator was able to keep up with Colie’s process as he jumped from his presentation slides to the  VR program Gravity Sketch then all the way to Photoshop where he rendered the image above.

Maarten Verhoeven is a digital sculptor, concept and VFX artist specializing in work for film, commercials and toys. He has contributed his talents to various companies, publications and projects including Pixologic, Hasbro, Avengers, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, Gentle Giant, Walking Dead, The Hobbit, 3DArtist, 3D world and 3Dcreative magazine.

Maarten also took to the stage at the MSI Prestige Booth showing of the power of the new Prestige line as he rendered and sculpted a fully pose-able model of a chimpanzee face using ZBrush. During his demo he was able to manipulate the simian’s facial features such as the lips, mouth, eyes and ears all while using a Prestige Notebook.

Alexander Heinrichs is a master photographer whose stunning work ranges from model photography to travel photography and everything in between.  He has contributed work to  Sony, Adobe, Eizo, various airlines and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Henrik Matzen is the co-founder of the professional timelapse production company called First Lapse. Together with his co-founder Jonas Høholt, the pair a responsible for amazing, visually arresting timelapses that capture the unique beauty of scenes and locales around the world.

At Henrik’s turn at the stage, he demoed a small sliver of their process of converting his raw timelapse  footage using LRTimelapse and color grading accordingly it in Adobe LightRoom. The latter process is where Henrik’s artistry is truly at its fullest, he color grades different parts of the footage uniquely to replicate how the scene felt in his mind at the time he shot it. This wholeprocess usually takes Henrik several months to accomplish despite only ultimately being a few minutes long–in the case of the footage above it took three whole months.

It was pretty incredible to be able to see how these master artists and creators craft brilliant and breath-taking work all without being limited by their hardware thanks to the MSI Prestige P65 Creator and P75 Creator notebooks.

In the Philippines, P65 CreatorGT76 Titan, and the GS65 Stealth and will be available in the Philippines for Pre-Order starting June 1st, 2019 at MSI Concept Stores and select MSI Authorized Re-sellers.

Below are the pricing and available configurations for Philippine consumers:

MSI Philippines will be announcing other new available models and their pricing very soon! In addition, there will be a Price Drop promotion on select MSI gaming laptops this June-July 2019.

Make sure to visit MSI Philippines social media pages for the latest and hottest news on MSI gaming laptops!

Now Reading: Computex 2019: MSI Brings Together Top Creators, Designer to Showcase Prestige Line
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