CS_SUMMIT Day 1: SK, C9, Gambit, and Team Liquid move on to Semifinals

For Dota 2 fans, Beyond the Summit’s “The Summit” series are tournaments to look forward to. The relaxed atmosphere is fun for both players and spectators, plus pro players even get chances to cast games. Now, BTS has expanded this league to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with their first-ever cs_summit, which started just last night. And at the end of the first day, four teams have advanced to the semifinals – SK Gaming, Cloud9, Gambit Esports, and Team Liquid. The four teams won their respective quarterfinals best-of-threes. Here are the full results for day 1:

The first series of the day was SK Gaming against Team EnVyUs. SK’s tournament results from March have not been that great, but they showed that they’re still a top team as they rolled over EnVyUs 2-0, with 16-9 and 16-3 scores for games 1 and 2. Cloud9’s series Bo3 against OpTic Gaming was also a stomp, as C9 2-0’d OpTic quickly, with 16-9 and 16-6 wins.

Gambit and GODSENT’s series meanwhile, had a close first game unlike the previous Bo3s. The game on Cache was close throughout, and even went to overtime, but Gambit eventually took the win 19-15. While the first game was close fought, the second on Cobbleston was a quick win for Gambit, as they win 16-5 and they take the series 2-0.

The last series of the day between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid went to a deciding game 3. Liquid took the first game on Nuke 16-10, after being down 7-8 at the half. NiP responded on the second game on Inferno, as they won 16-7. The last game on Cobblestone was a one-sided affair, as Liquid took a fast 16-3 win, dropping NiP to the losers’ bracket.

Day 2′ matches will be: SK vs. C9, Gambit vs. Liquid, EnVyUs vs. OpTic, and NiP vs. GODSENT. The first match will start on April 22 at 12:30AM PHT.