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Dota 2 Auto Chess-inspired game mode, Teamfight Tactics coming to League of Legends
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on June 11, 2019

Riot Games has announced the latest game mode that they’re working on for League of Legends – Teamfight Tactics. The game mode is inspired by the highly popular Dota 2 mod, Dota 2 Auto Chess (or simply Auto Chess).

In a nutshell, it is a round based strategy game where the goal is to outlast seven other players through combat on your own board.

Players earn gold every round which is then used to recruit League of Legends champions. The champions will fill the board and act as your team on your own board. Each champion has an origin and a class, both of which has their respective trait bonuses.

The champions also have can be leveled up to three times. Leveling up is done by combining three pieces of the same champion and level. Meaning, combining three level one champions, let’s say, Lucian, makes a level two Lucian. To get a level three Lucian, you need three level two Lucians.

Another thing gold can be used for is to level up yourself. Your levels are used to accommodate more and more champions on your board with a cap of 10.

Combat is done after a preparation phase. Champions will move, attack, and cast their respective spells automatically which is why getting the right combinations of origins and class will be crucial. A loss in the combat phase on your board deals damage to the player.

Unique to Riot’s iteration of the new genre is a special event that allows players to pick a champion or item up from a selection in the middle of the board. The event gives the last players the chance to pick first and the top players to pick last. This gives the players at the bottom of the standings a chance to come back.

Teamfight Tactics will launch initially in beta but Riot has already announced that it will have ranked mode starting around Patch 9.14.

As someone who enjoys both League of Legends and Dota 2 Auto Chess, this is quite an interesting development for the genre and Riot Games. I’m hoping this is received well and it will all rely on how they execute their spin on Auto Chess.

Photos courtesy of na.leagueoflegends.com

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