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Dota Auto Chess hits mobile in China
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on March 15, 2019

The website of the mobile port of the highly-popular Dota 2 mod, Dota Auto Chess has gone live. Its developer, Drodo Studio teased the standalone mobile app via Weibo earlier this month but remained unconfirmed.

Since then, the website surfaced and has revealed that it will drop the Dota tag for the mobile version, thus leaving the title, Auto Chess. They have also brought in Chinese mobile game publisher, Dragonest, the publisher of mobile rhythm game, Cytus, among other titles. The mobile app version looks to be available for Android and iOS.

The Dota 2 mod has quickly become one of the most popular mods with over 6 million subscribers as of writing this. Twitch Rivals has also featured the game in two tournaments, one in February and the second just recently concluded.

Based on the website, the developers are looking to start an Auto Chess global league with a CNY 10-million prize pool or about PHP 78.5 million.

Dota Auto Chess is a strategy deck builder where players have to battle against seven other players and neutral monsters. The goal of the mod is to be the sole survivor but the road isn’t quite as simple. Players are given gold and earn gold which is used to buy chess pieces. The chess pieces have varying quality, tribes, classes, and skills each affecting how strong the overall ‘deck’ will be. Tribe and class have certain synergies that either helps the entire deck or helps the same class or tribe.

Along with understanding the composition of your deck, positioning the pieces on the 8×8 board also plays a key whether one does well or ultimately fails.

Because they dropped the Dota tag, they had to go through a redesign for the heroes. Some prominent features of some of the heroes look to have been retained. One of the features that immediately stand out from the website is the red skin for heroes that resemble Axe and Juggernaut. One can only assume that they’ve retained the skills for their counterparts in the mobile version.

Based on the website, it seems like Chinese players can connect their Steam account but will also need a Longyuan account. We hope that it will make its international launch sooner, rather than later.


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