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E3 2019: Everything EA Brought to the Show
Posted by Raphael Leynes June 13, 2019

EA kicked off E3 2019 in exciting fashion! They’ve finally shown gameplay footage of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order; unveiled huge new updates to Apex Legends including a new playable character; shared the latest on their sports properties FIFA 20 and Madden NFL 20; and some revealed some exciting Sims 4 news to cap it off.

Here’s everything EA brought to E3 2019!

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

EA and Respawn have finally revealed gameplay of their much-anticipated Star Wars game, Jedi Fallen Order. In the 13-minute gameplay demo, Fallen Order looked very promising indeed with protagonist Cal Kestis wielding both a lightsaber and force powers against a horde of Stormtroopers, Inquisitors and other assorted nasties. Perhaps the biggest reveal about the game is the fact that it takes place between Episodes III and IV, a rich fan-favorite timeline often visited antecedent Star Wars properties such Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. It’s an interesting setting in which Order 66 or the persecution of the Jedi has begun followed soon after by the eventual rise of the Empire.

Perhaps the most promising bit about Fallen Order is how weighty the combat feels. Each strike with lightsaber feels powerful and hefty with any clean hit on a regular Stormtrooper eviscerating and dismembering.  It looks like the combat strikes the perfect balance between the over-the-top action in the Force Unleashed and the floaty nonchalant saber flailing in Jedi Knight. It looks right.

Yes. We’re really looking forward to this one.

Apex Legends

EA also revealed what’s next for their masterful but fading battle royale game Apex Legends. They started with a brief overview of the Season 1 event The Legendary Hunt in which they showed off a bunch of the new hunter and creature inspired character and weapon skins. Respawn also announced a new play mode called Apex Elite, where the top 5 teams from the previous match can join others in a grand battle royale to find out who is the champion among champions.

Respawn also talked about the upcoming Season 2 update in July 22nd called Battle Charge. To start off they unveiled a a new golden weapon: The L-Star submachine gun. As with all gold weapons such as the Kraber and the Mastiff,, the L-Star will only available through care packages drops. This comes with good reason as the ultra powerful SMG fires at an extremely rapid rate, downing enemies in flash if used correctly–the L-Star even takes down doors! 

Apex Legends Season 2 will also feature the debut of the new Ranked mode which will feature 6 tiers for players to climb from Bronze to Apex Predator. 

In a classic case of saving the best for last, Respawn unveiled the newest legend to join the roster come Season 2: Watson. Watson functions as a support character that specializes in area denial and control. Her tactical ability creates electric fences that shocks enemies and stuns for a brief period when they pass through. The fences also ping the enemies’ location when tripped and allows for allies to pass through unhindered. Watson’s Ultimate abilities throws down an Interception Pylon that denies projectiles such as grenades, arc stars and even air strikes from penetrating a surrounding area.

Watson will surely be a huge shakeup for the very much run-and-gun meta of Apex Legends allowing player’s option to take their time, bunker down controlling a space without sacrificing safety. Look for Watson to drop shock and rock when Apex Legends Season 2 hits next month in July 22nd.

Battlefield V

DICE took to the stage to unveiled a whole host of exciting new maps for their epic WWII shooter Battlefield V. The Marita takes players back to the Battle of Greece near the Albanian border in a map where hills and mountains gives the battle a new dynamic of verticality. Al-Sundan exemplifies what Battlefield does best– a wide open vista with plenty of vehicular options, engagement approaches and viable combat strategies to turn the tide of battle.  Operation Underground is a unique map that takes place solely in the underground metro filled with multiple entry points and flanking routes to get the drop on enemies. Finally, for Battlefield Chapter V coming out this fall, Iwo-Jima takes the fight to the Pacific to a different theater of war. 


FIFA had the usually string of updates to be expected from the iconic football game: improved shooting, dribbling and finishing, better physics, revamped free kicks but the biggest addition this year is Volta Football 

Volta football take the beautiful game to back to the streets. Infused with lots of urban flavor, unique culture and creativity, Volta Football aims to inject a little bit of style and personality to FIFA 20. Volta will take players to various locales such a rooftop pitch in Japan, a cage under a bridge in Amsterdam and other underground cages across the world. Volta Football comes to FIFA 20 in September 9, 2019

Madden NFL 20

EA Sports followed up with a slew of announcements for the upcoming Madden NFL 20: They unveiled this year’s cover athlete, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes; There’s the dynamic new Scenario quest system; New Playbooks, New Formations; and new Superstar X-Factor Abilities which as unique, always-on passive abilities for different players.

Sims 4: Island Living

The big new update for Sims 4 is a tropical-themed game pack called Island Living. This awesome looking new mod takes you and your Sims into the remote island of Sulani where they can enjoy the beauty and excitement of island life. The game pack features a series first: Open Water Gameplay that sees your sims able to dive right into open water to participate in the various water sports, ride Aqua Zips, swim around, and maybe meet a dolphin or two.

The island of Sulani  itself has many different interesting facets to it, for starters it has an actual ACTIVE VOLCANO. If that’s not enough for you the Islands is also filled with elemental spirits that take care of the Sulani  and and straight up mermaids you can customize and play as.

Sims 4: Island Living also comes with a new career: Conservationist, which sees your sims taking care of this lush island paradise by cleaning up the beach and surrounding areas.

In celebration of Pride Month, Sims 4 has also partnered with the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organization devoted to  uplifting, empowering, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe. Sims 4 will be releasing a Pride-themed items throughout the month such as clothes, accessories and rooms and fixtures in support of the movement.

Maxis has also teased a new game pack called Realm of Magic. They didn’t reveal any details about it but they stated that more will be revealed this later this year in the fall.

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