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E3 2019: Fallout 76, Rage 2, and more updates on Bethesda games
Posted by Ram Ronquillo June 10, 2019

While the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2019) has yet to officially begin, the press conferences for the major game developers have begun. One of these developers was Bethesda Softworks who unveiled various updates for existing games as well as a couple of new titles.

This will be a rundown of the updates to existing games from Bethesda.

The Elder Scroll: Blades

First is The Elder Scroll: Blades. The mobile game will be getting updates that include Solo Arena Battles, custom jewelry system, a new dragon questline, new job, to name a few. The Elder Scroll: Blades will also come to the Nintendo Switch in fall 2019 for free. To top it all off, Bethesda revealed that it will have cross play meaning your progress on mobile can be continued on the Switch.


The Elder Scrolls: Online

The Elder Scrolls: Online is Bethesda’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the universe of…well… The Elder Scrolls. Having just released the latest Elsweyr chapter in the year of the dragon story line, Bethesda announced the closing chapter in this story, Dragonhold. This is a DLC set to be released in the Q4 with returning faces in the series. But before Dragonhold, a dungeon DLC adventure, Scalebreaker, will be released in August.


Fallout 76

Next up is Fallout 76. The latest Fallout while it didn’t start the way everyone expected, it seems like it will still get some updates from Bethesda. Two major announcements were made for Fallout 76. One is the Year 2 update called Wastelanders and the second being a battle royale mode named Nuclear Winter.

Wastelanders will introduce human NPCs each with their own dialogue trees. These dialogue trees look to be like the Fallout that everyone knows and loves which include choices and their corresponding consequences. Along with this, a new main quest will be introduced and of course, new weapons and gear to craft and loot along.

While Nuclear Winter will be a 52-man battle royale game mode with a very Fallout feel. Building, armor, nuclear bombs, and wasteland creatures look to be in the game mode. The battle, of course, will be for the Overseer position of Vault 50. While other details have yet to be announced, there will be a sneak peek from June 10-17 in Fallout 76.


Rage 2

One of their newer titles, Rage 2 will get a new expansion, the Rise of the Ghosts. This will introduce new cheat codes including Low Gravity, Bloody Mess, and Rejector Seat.  Three new vehicles will also be added which include a pilotable mech named The Boom Bringer, The Skull Motorcycle, and a front wheeled vehicle called The Armadillo.

Rise of the Ghosts will also bring new enemies, new game modes, new story, faction, areas to explore, and of course weapon and gears.


Featured photo courtesy of Bethesda Youtube

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