End of an Era: Merlini announces retirement

Long-time Dota 2 caster and former professional player Ben “Merlini” Wu announced that he will no longer be casting professional Dota 2.

“I have no further intents to cast/analyze Dota 2. I have decided that at this juncture in my life, casting does not align with what I want from my future,” Merlini announced via twitter. I am a bit sad, but we must keep forward facing. Big thanks to all who have supported me, especially when times were tough!”

He also announced that he rescinded his decision to attend the upcoming GESC. Apparently, Merlini was supposed to go as part of the pool of talents.

Merlini started out as a competitive WC3-era Dota player for Meet Your Makers in 2006. While he was known very well today as a professional caster, he also achieved a lot as a player. He was regarded as one of the renowned and best Zeus players in his prime, even winning against a trilane as a solo-laning Zeus.

Since the advent of Dota 2, he was known as one of the best professional casters and analysts.