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ESGS 2016: Secret 6 Spotlight
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on October 29, 2016

ESGS 2016 has a good variety of booths of various developers and one the booths that I visited was the booth of the game developer, Secret 6.

Secret 6 is a 2d/3d game developer with headquarters in San Francisco, California but with production facilities in Manila.

Panty Thief

pantythief-ggnetwork-interior-665x300One of the games featured at their booth is the seemingly silly game named Panty Thief.

The goal is pretty straight forward, and that’s to steal as much panties as you can as Bogart, Panty Thief Extraordinaire. The gameplay is similar to classic platformers and puts players in Bogart’s shoes as he scales a building trying to steal panties while trying to avoid getting caught by the female owners of the units.

Despite simple mechanics, I enjoyed the game a lot and I found myself playing one more game after one more game trying to beat my previous score.

Panty Thief is released on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Project Xandata


Project Xandata, on the other hand, is a first-person shooter on the PC with quite a unique aesthetic to it. The public alpha that was available to play puts you in a familiar Quake-esque deathmatch style arena. It’s aesthetic had a cartoon-like Tron feel to it.

Its gameplay allowed customizability with a loadout mechanic allowing players to switch out guns, special abilities, class types, to name a few. Each brought a different mechanic to the game and opened the game to various playstyles.

While I wasn’t able to get to play it as long to truly digest what things exactly were, I found myself running looking for opponents and trying to get kills for my team which was enjoyable in itself.

It has yet to be announced when it will be released but I look forward to seeing it in the market and I do look forward to playing it on my own system at home.


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