Everything You Need to Know About Valorant: Act III!
Posted by Raphael Leynes October 15, 2020

Valorant: Act III is coming to a spike near you! There’s a lot of new additions and changes in store for Riot’s massively popular tactical shooter and we have the low down on all of them. Fall in, agent and we’ll run you through it!



(c) Valorant Concept Art | Riot Games

You don’t want to be stuck in this cold, cold world. 


In a move that made Valorant and 2000’s rapper Omarion fans proud, Riot has added a new map named Icebox to its rotation. The fifth Valorant map will be set in a frozen tundra which is the first time Valorant ventures into snowy weather. The map itself will feature long lines of sight and will be a lot more vertical compared to other maps to explore more unique firefights and engagements as well as a zipline! 


According to Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo, Level Design Lead “Icebox was designed to emphasize skirmishes, sharp aim and adaptive play.” Garozzo also says that the sites on the maps will invite more complicated tactics to attack and defend making for some interesting combat scenarios:  “The gameplay premise of Icebox is that each of the sites are intended to be complex combat spaces that feature plenty of cover and verticality.”


Icebox is already in rotation in a beta format right now on Valorant. 


New Agent: Skye

(c) Valorant Concept Art | Riot Games


Valorant is ringing the new act in with an exciting new agent, Skye. Hailing from the land down under, this part jungle commando, part nature preservationist will be the second healer added to the game’s ever-expanding roster.


At first glance at her skill previews, she seems to be heavily geared towards the sentinel/support role as most of her abilities involve tracking down the enemy and disabling them. Trailblazer functions like a land-based version of Sova’s drone which Skye and command to pounce on an enemy and blind them on hit.  Guiding Light is like a manual version of Phoenix’s Curveball, Skye can control where it goes, and when it unleashes its flash. Her Ultimate, Seekers summons 3 seekers that will lock on to 3 nearby enemies and nearsight them. 


Also as earlier mentioned, she also has a healing ability, Regrowth that can be channeled and affect a large area allowing her to heal multiple allies at the same time. However, the tradeoff is that she has to be in the line of sight of her targets and she also is not able to heal herself.


(c) Valorant Concept Art | Riot Games


We’re going to breakdown Skye’s abilities in a more in-depth manner as well as some thoughts on how she fits in the current meta in a later article here on GG network so stay tuned for that! 


Skye will welcome us to the jungle on October 27.

New Gun Skin: Singularity

(c) Valorant Concept Art | Riot Games


The chaotic Singularity is the new skinline coming to your favorite Valorant firearms. The unique-looking skins feature fantastic, erratic moving rocks that twitch and sputter as you fire and reload your gun.


Producer Preeti Khanolkar says that the design inspiration came from both the celestial bodies of space and internet video involving rocks in a washing machine:

“We listened to dark drone sounds and looked at pictures of black holes, exploding stars, crystals, and unrefined obsidian on the internet for an hour, which got us closer to agreeing on a vision. But what really brought us together was watching a video of a washing machine stuffed with bricks spinning out of control.”


“That ridiculous video helped us find the one key word to describe the feeling we were trying to hit: unstable. From there, we agreed that Singularity was an unknown rock from another world and the “oh [expletive]” moment would be tied to its instability during animation sequences.”


(c) Valorant Concept Art | Riot Games


Singularity will be available right now at the following prices for the respective guns:

      • Sheriff – 2,175 VP
      • Spectre – 2,175 VP
      • Phantom – 2,175 VP
      • Ares – 2,175 VP
      • Melee – 4,350 VP
      • Bundle – 8,700 VP

Ranked Changes

There will also be some changes to the competitive game mode as Act III comes in. Players will now be able to select which region they prefer to play on, minimizing the risk of bad ping and server issues. For those sitting on Immortal rank and higher, match wins and losses, as well as decisiveness, will now influence your rank more than individual performance. 


Rank disparity for parties will now be capped at 3 tiers (from 6) which means fewer opportunities to be carried and more reason to GIT GUD.


Ranked Changes are already up right now!

Deathmatch Release

The Beta version of Deathmatch has been a fan favorite for warming up right before you get to the big matches. As such the final release of the mode will be having a few minor changes that make the experience even better: The maximum player count will be increased to 14 from the previous 10; Each kill grants players a full reload to ensure that you don’t get stuck reloading when someone jumps out after you just fought someone off; The game objective now raised to 40 kills or 9 minutes to accommodate the increased number of players, and finally an additional UAV radar sweep when you respawn to help with campers


The new Deathmatch is out now!

Are you excited for the new Act III? Are you in there right now? How’s it going? Let us know in the comments below. For more Valorant  check out Killjoy is Going to Put Valorant’s Meta on Lock  and Familiar but Not Too Familiar: Valorant Month One Review

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