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EVOS Legends crowned Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Champions!
Posted by Ram Ronquillo November 19, 2019

Indonesian team EVOS Legends take home the inaugural Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) World Championship (M1) after a thrilling series that went through the full seven games!

The MLBB M1 World Championship featured eight invited teams from the MLBB Professional League regions – Malaysia/Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines as well as eight teams that earned their place by winning qualifiers. The latter brought in teams from Russia, Turkey, the United States, Thailand/Laos, Japan, Brazil, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

The teams were then drawn into four groups and then played a single round-robin, best-of-three Group Stage. The top two teams per group continued to the Playoffs where the top teams secured the Upper Bracket and the second team per group played in the Lower Bracket.

Amidst the different teams from various regions and countries, Indonesia stood strong above the rest with their top two teams meeting in the Grand Finals: EVOS Legends and Rex Regum Quom (RRQ).

EVOS Legends were drawn into Group D with Japanese team 10Second Gaming+, Philippine team Onic PH, and Russian team Deus Vult. EVOS Legends proved why they were one of the favorites to win the championship as they held a 3-0 record losing only one game in the entire Group Stage.

In Group A stood RRQ along with Vietnamese team VEC Fantasy Main, Singaporean team EVOS Esports, and Cambodian team Impunity KH. RRQ, like EVOS Legends, held a strong 3-0 record to secure the top spot only losing one game in the Group Stage.

MLBB World Championship 2019 (M1) Playoffs Day 2 Highlights

Check out the gameplay highlights for MLBB World Championship Playoffs Day 2.For more information, visit http://bit.ly/M1-Website#MLBBM1World #MLBB

Posted by Mobile Legends Esports on Saturday, 16 November 2019

RRQ and EVOS Legends swept their opponents – Malaysian team Todak and the team from Myanmar Burmese Ghouls, respectively in the Upper Bracket Semifinals. This led to the first of two meetings in the inaugural tournament. In the Upper Bracket Finals, EVOS Legends dominated their rivals in a 3-nil win and dropped RRQ to the Lower Bracket Finals.

The team that stood between RRQ and the Grand Finals was their Upper Bracket Semifinal opponent, Todak. Even the best efforts from Todak couldn’t stop RRQ, but this time, Todak was able to take a game from the Indonesians. The victory set the two Indonesian teams on a collision course and a rematch of the Upper Bracket Finals and MPL – Indonesian Grand Finals.

In a best of 7 finals showdown, the two teams claimed wins in the first two games with RRQ clawing out a victory in Game 1 despite being behind and EVOS taking Game 2. RRQ then took the succeeding two games and forced match point against their rivals. EVOS, being the champions that they were, refused to go down without a fight as they took Games 5 and 6 to force the series to go the distance.

The seventh and final game of the series showed the true strength of EVOS Legends. With momentum on their side, the Indonesian champions took an early lead, kept it, and snowballed until the very end. EVOS Legends closed out the series and the tournament in 8 minutes with a massive 13k gold lead.

Posted by Mobile Legends Esports on Sunday, 17 November 2019

After a thrilling run in the tournament and an inspiring comeback in the Grand Finals, EVOS Legends were crowned the first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Champions! They took home not only the prestige and the crown, but they also took home USD 80,000.

Featured Photo courtesy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube

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