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Filipino gamers unite for Righteous Glory streaming marathon
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on May 23, 2018

RUMBLE ROYALE Events Production brings back its tradition of promoting video game positivity as it unveils RIGHTEOUS GLORY Summer Spirit Bomb, the 72-hour Streaming Marathon for Charity happening this weekend.

This year, RUMBLE ROYALE is teaming up with AORUS, GIGABYTE, Corsair, Converge ICT Solutions, Dreamlords Digital, and the Streamer Philippines community to bring together an exciting three days of non-stop gaming fun for the benefit of its partner cause, Save the Children Philippines.

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent children’s organization. Its Philippines chapter has been working in the country for over three decades and is dedicated to helping create better lives for children.

First taking place in December 2016, this year’s RIGHTEOUS GLORY aims to be bigger and better with more personalities, more games, and more days of non-stop live streaming with the theme “Summer Spirit Bomb”. It characterizes gamers of all shapes and sizes coming together and working as a community to help show the world what we can do to promote video game positivity.

Papercrafted Galio

Papercrafted Master Chief

There will also be chances to win and take home exclusive freebies and prizes for attendees and viewers of RIGHTEOUS GLORY Summer Spirit Bomb. Some of which include official merchandise and other handcrafted goodies like papercraft models created by Jiggernut inspired by popular characters from League of Legends and Halo and an Infinity Gauntlet-inspired statue crafted by Carlo “dragonkid” De Laza.

The Infinity Gauntlet

Join Suzzysaur, Eri Neeman, Riku, GLOCO, Sh1n Boo, and other Filipino streamers at RIGHTEOUS GLORY Summer Spirit Bomb. The glorious event will be held in Game Over PH, located at Xavierville Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila. The events doors are free to anyone who wishes to attend and be part of the event. The event will also be streamed live at the RUMBLE ROYALE Twitch channel.

For those that want to donate, donations can be dropped off at Game Over PH during the event dates or by watching online.


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