First-Ever Manila Wrestling Federation Championship on the line for MWF: Noche Buena
Posted by Raphael Leynes November 30, 2018

The Manila Wrestling Federation plans to end its landmark of a year with a bang at UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Quezon City this Saturday December 1!

As the promotion’s final event of the year, MWF: Noche Buena seeks to cap off a spectacular year for the MWF firmly establishing itself as a contender in the fast-rising Philippine Wrestling scene. MWF Noche Buena promises to be one hell of a December treat chock full of the brand’s signature high-octane action and athleticism as well as their gruff and gritty presentation.

The night will see the Federation’s resident hypebeast Khayl Sison take on anyone and everyone bold enough to respond to the his Open Challenge. Sison prides himself in slowly becoming Philippine sports entertainment’s most hated villain and it will be interesting to see who will step up to plate to take him down.

In a rare mix of Philippine Cinema meets Philippine Wrestling, self-proclaim action hero, the ever-cool Gigz Stryker along with trusty sidekick RG seek to take down the charismatic cult leaders of “Ang Bahay ng Liwanag” in the finale of their film series “Sagot Kita 6: D’ Final Showdown”

Photo Courtesy of MWF


An intense blow up last show between MWF’s powerhouse/luchador Mr. Lucha and Jake “The Senyorito” De Leon, former Champion of rival promotion PWR (Philippine Wrestling Revolution) has led to this epic confrontation between the brands. Will the Mr. Lucha defend the KapaFed’s territory or will the “The Senyorito” expand the Hacienda to MWF?

Photo Courtesy of MWF


The main event of the night,  the high-flying, risk-taking Robin Sane versus the streetwise bully from Batasan, Fabio Makisig is sure to be a barn burner. The two have been feuding exchanging cutting words in videos they’ve posted  on social media. As, if the intense rivalry weren’t enough to fuel this match, the victor will receive the inaugural Manila Wrestling Federation Championship and a cash prize of 20, 000 PHP!

Catch all the awesome wrestling action at UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Quezon City this Saturday December 1!

Visit MWF’s official news site, www.mwfinsiderblog.com, for more awesome content and ticket reservations.

You may also download the Ticket2Me app, MWF’s partner in online ticketing, or visit www.ticket2me.net, where “KapaFEDS” can buy tickets online and pay easily through different outlets such as local banks, Paypal or 7- 11 stores nationwide.

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