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Five general Teamfight Tactics changes in League of Legends Patch 9.14
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on July 19, 2019

The first patch since Teamfight Tactics (TFT) was introduced to League of Legends is finally out and as expected there’s a massive amount of changes to the new game mode.

Because of the vast amount of changes to TFT, this is the first of a series that will cover as much as we can. We will first cover the general changes and the new champion to TFT.

Like previously announced, more stats have also been introduced this patch, this includes win streaks, combat recaps which tells you how much damage was done, and champion stats. These additions will make it easier to make decisions especially for those that want to know why an item works better on a certain champion or which champion to switch out based on damage.

We’ll tackle the other changes such as items, champions, and traits in other articles.

For the full patch notes, visit the website.

Twisted Fate

  • COST 2g
  • TRAITS Pirate, Sorcerer
  • ABILITY Pick a Card—Twisted Fate throws a card that randomly stuns (Gold), deals damage around his target (Red), or restores mana to himself and nearby allies (Blue)

Like previously announced, Patch 9.14 introduces the first new champion, Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate is a 2 gold champion and is a Pirate and a Sorcerer. This allows people to get Sorcerer a bit earlier as well offer a new point to transition from when going for Pirate.

Along with this, his ability, while it’s quite another level of random number generation (RNG), can be pretty useful especially the Blue card for other Sorcerers like Aurelion Sol.


PvE Rounds

  • In the event that you do not get an item during a PvE round, one of the minions, monsters, or epic monsters will now drop gold instead.
  • Dragon and Elder Dragon no longer benefit from the Dragon Trait bonuses.

Items can be a struggle and the PvE rounds previously didn’t give much especially when you get the short end of the stick and get zero items. The change this patch to get gold when no items drop in the PvE is a good enough trade-off. The mechanic was also the solution to the item problem in Dota Auto Chess making this change very good.

While Dragons, both regular and Elder, are also no longer Dragons as far as traits go. The Dragon trait made both PvE dragons immune to magic damage which made it very difficult to take them down especially with a Sorcerer composition.

Overall, both changes to the PvE rounds are positives and make things easier for everyone.


Level Breakpoints

  • XP to 9: 70 ⇒ 64

Next is the experience needed to reach level 9, which has been lowered by six this patch. While it doesn’t seem like much on paper, it does mean that you can get to level 9 relatively earlier while still do a couple of rerolls or get in another champion or two.


Ability Targeting

  • Abilities that target low health champions now determine “lowest health” by HP percentage instead of total HP

Targeting within TFT can be frustrating. This change may or may not be useful but one thing is certain, it does make abilities more reliable than before. Reliability is definitely a good thing especially for a game like TFT.



  • When you reroll your shop after leveling up from round XP, the shop is rolled at your new level instead of your old level

The last big general change is a change to the shop. The change makes it so instead of rerolling from the previous level, after leveling up, the shop will now roll based on the new level. Which means, picking whether to reroll first or level will be just as much as important strategically now.


Featured Photo courtesy of na.leagueoflegends.com

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