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Five new features of Borderlands 3
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on September 13, 2019

Borderlands 3 has officially launched and the game continues a story that began 10 years ago.

While story progression is good for video games, for a looter shooter title like Borderlands, there has to be more than progression. We are, of course, talking about new additions to the game. These are the things that will affect the gameplay, combat, or just new features that the third installment in the Borderlands franchise adds to the game.

We’ve decided to stray away from the overarching features like the fact that the safe-haven that is Sanctuary (now Sanctuary 3) is in space or that the game now has planetary travel.

With that out of the way, here are the five new features of Borderlands 3!


Alternate fire modes for some guns

Borderlands has always had a wide variety of weapons for players. But despite the variety of guns in Borderlands, they still fall under the usual stereotypes like the shotgun, sub-machine gun, pistol, etc. Which, when it comes down to it, makes two shotguns…well… shotguns. It feels like there’s actually just a select few firearms that are really worth picking up and using.

In Borderlands 3, some weapons come with alternate firing modes. Guns that can switch between the regular firing and with one button turns into a grenade launcher or what have you. This adds even more variety in weapons and also in combat.

Along with this, the guns have been given item scores for a quicker way to tell which the better weapon is.


Additional movement

Mobility has also been revamped in the Borderlands sequel. Players can now crouch-slide and wall-mount for a smoother way around the world.

Yes, crouch-sliding just like in Apex Legends. This will surely be a fun way to get a kill along with getting out of sticky situations.

While climbing over small boxes and other obstacles make it easier to get look for goodies and more importantly get behind cover when in a pinch. Cover, however, can now be destroyed after an onslaught of gunfire. When used properly though, it can expose enemies.


Instanced loot and scaling

Photo: borderlands.com

One of the franchise’s iconic features, the loot, gets an optional revamp as well. The option to have instanced loot is added to the game. This means that loot will no longer be shared when playing with friends or other players. Instanced loot is unique per player which makes it easier especially with the loot goblin lurking around the battlefield.

Item scaling is also introduced. Simply put, the items that drop will now be within your level range which streamlines the looting experience. Along with this, the level of the enemies will also scale depending on the player in multiplayer instead of the level of the player operating the server.


Customizable room/quarter for players

Sure we did mention that we won’t include The Sanctuary 3 here, but what’s inside it makes the list. Sanctuary 3 gives players their own room to customize.

The room décor itself is generally themed over the Vault Hunter of the player, but a variety of things can be displayed on the walls like guns and other knick-knacks.

While this doesn’t affect gameplay or the story at all, it’s always interesting to have a space to personalize especially in a game and the world like Borderlands.


Radiation new element type

Photo: borderlands.com

Lastly, a new element has been added in, Radiation. Radiation replaces the Slag element that was introduced in Borderlands 2.

That being said, Radiation, like Slag, coats an enemy and makes them vulnerable. The irradiated target takes damage over time, in addition to the vulnerability effects. When the irradiated enemy dies, it explodes and creates a cloud for a chance to spread the Radiation to nearby enemies.

Quite the interesting element and quite frankly, on paper looks even better than Slag.


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