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Five places to visit in World of Warcraft Classic
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on August 27, 2019

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Blizzard released in 2004. Since its initial release, the Blizzard MMORG has had seven major expansion packs released each has not only progressed the story but also brought along changes to the physical world of Azeroth and beyond.

With the recent release of World of Warcraft Classic, we thought of putting together a list of the five places to revisit. World of Warcraft Classic was a simpler time as far as the map goes. Back then, the map of Azeroth was simply split into continents, Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. A lot of the areas in both continents have been ravaged by the events of the different expansions, specifically, Cataclysm.

Keep in mind that we decided to choose areas instead of specific places like the dungeons and raids. Along with that, this is in no particular order.

Burning Steppes

Photo: wowhead.com

Home to the black dragonflight, the agents of the firelord Ragnaros, and Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes is just normally an area that you flyover when traveling between Ironforge and Stormwind.

It is one of those areas that just gets passed on in the current iteration of World of Warcraft with more places to level and explore. Unless you’re gunning for the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms quest achievement, of course or just exploring the world.

Well if you’re back in World of Warcraft Classic, it’s the perfect time to take a peek and learn more about the factions in the Burning Steppes and the story in the zone.



Photo: classic-wow.fandom.com

Ashenvale is one of the few areas in Kalimdor that has a more Alliance-vibe to it because of the presence and dominance of the Night Elves. It is one of the areas within Kalimdor where you’ll stumble upon quite a number of Alliance players as a Horde player.

It has since been affected by both Cataclysm and the increasing tension with the two factions. It has come a long way from the more peaceful vibe of the area. Because of this, we’ve included it to our list of places to visit.


Thousand Needles

Photo: wow.gamepedia.com

Thousand Needles is a canyon in southern Kalimdor and home to tall spires. As one of the areas affected by Cataclysm, the difference between Classic and no is pretty drastic. The Cataclysm flooded the canyon and now gives players a boat to navigate the map while questing.

In Classic, it’s a beautiful area that actually allows players to awe at the massive spires that make most of the Thousand Needles. It also was a deathtrap that can make any overstep by the edge on top of a spire instant death (unless a spell was used to protect against fall damage of course).

If you’ve never experienced Thousand Needles pre-Cataclysm, it’s a must.


The Barrens

Photo: wow.gamepedia.com

The Barrens, or simply Barrens, is one of the first major areas you’ll come across as your usual Horde player after the much safer Durotar. Here, you’ll find more and Alliance players especially by the Goblin town of Ratchet.

Like Thousand Needles, Barrens was literally torn into two by Cataclysm. Currently, it is considered as two areas – Northern Barrens and Southern Barrens. Northern Barrens is where you’ll find the usual suspects of The Crossroads, Ratchet, and The Wailing Caverns. While Southern Barrens is where you’ll find newer areas like The Overgrowth, Vendetta Point, and so much more.

The classic version of this area is just one piece of land with just a few areas highlighted on the map. Some of these we’ve mentioned already but these also include the dungeons Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs as well as Camp Taurajo which is a camp that leads to the Tauren area of Mulgore.



Photo: classic-wow.fandom.com

Teldrassil is, of course, most known as the home of the Night Elves. Well… former home. In case you missed the more recent developments in the story of the World of Warcraft, Horde Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner burnt down Teldrassil which sparked quite a lot of problems within the Horde, Alliance, as well as the player base.

We just couldn’t do a list like this without including one of the more peaceful areas of Kalimdor in WoW Classic.

Rest in Peace Teldrassil.

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