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Gameworks Let’s Users Play Games To Earn Real-World Rewards!
Posted by Raphael Leynes on April 15, 2019

Gameworks is an ambitious new gaming service that lets users play different games to earn tokens which can be used to redeem exciting digital and physical rewards. At the recently concluded Gamecon last week at the SMX Convention Center, in Mall of Asia, Pasay, we talked with Lance Pormarejo, Head of Marketing and Business Development for Gameworks to know more about the service.

Get Your Game On

Gameworks works by having its users play games and perform various in-game tasks to earn a cryptocurrency called Gameworks Tokens or GWX Tokens. These Gameworks Tokens will be redeemable for both physical and digital rewards that range from merchandise, video games, toys and access to exclusive events.

Gameworks will launch three key applications that will work together to achieve its goal of a unified ecosystem centered on the interaction between gamer and game developer. These applications are: Gameworks Central, Gameworks Wallet, and Gameworks Token Depot.

Gameworks Central will serve as the primary marketplace where games will be published and promoted similar to Steam, Garena and Epic Game Store. Users can also then purchase and play the games from Gameworks Central via the Gameworks Tokens.  

Gameworks Wallet is the mobile component of the service which handles all transactions between player and publisher. The mobile application will also carry its user’s profile which is used to interact with other users, participate in special events and play the Gameworks Central games.

Gameworks Token Depot is where players can purchase GWX tokens. Down the line, this feature will be integrated to both the Gameworks Wallet and Gameworks Central for better convenience. 



As a proof of concept and to illustrate the whole play and reward cycle, Gameworks built a Space Invaders Arcade cabinet at Gamecon 2019. The cabinet was able to scan a QR code from the Gameworks Mobile Wallet app on their smartphone and allow the user to play the game. Over the course of the two days at Gamecon, the player with the highest score within the hour would earn the jackpot prize of Gameworks Tokens.  

When we talked with Lance Pormarejo, he discussed how Gameworks will not just be restricted to arcade-style games but also with any game with dedicated economy and social features,  whether casual, Triple A or Indie games

“We’re able to work with any type of game that has an economy aspect, a social aspect or competitive aspect. Say for example we come up with a game similar to Chess, we are able utilize these games powered by the Gameworks Token for us to incentivize players, give out prize and monetize these games for the publisher.”

A Brave New Future


Pormarejo even showed us very Black Mirror-like example where players hop on a stationary bike and earn Gameworks Tokens while getting fit. When we jokingly alluded to the similarities with the science-fiction TV series, Pormarejo chuckled heartily stating that it was probably the 20th time he’s heard the comparison today. He then proceeded to opine: 

“But really, The future is written by the writers, that’s just a personal opinion of mine. So as long as we can imagine it, its really possible to create these amazing things”

“What we really need support with is game publishers, developers and players that are willing to explore this new future with us”

Gameworks will launch in July 2019. The app is already available on Google Play with a special offer free tokens for the first 10,000 wallet registrations! The IOS version is still being developed but will release soon. 

For more information, you can reach out to Gameworks through their Telegram Group, Facebook page, or email (support@gameworks.io). Visit their website: https://gameworks.io and read their whitepaper to see the bigger picture.

You can also learn more about game works through the Gameworks Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dcH4hIk7L0

All photos above courtesy of Gameworks

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