GGWP Best Mobile Game: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Among all the mobile games this year, there is one apparent title that got all types of people hooked on playing. This is none other than the most successful mobile-MOBA that ever set foot here in the Philippines, Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

With the booming esports scene of the MOBA genre continually growing, different types of games have started to pick up the features necessary in providing a satisfying multiplayer experience in the form of PVP competition. Mobile Legends, which is the closest adaptation of a highly-popular PC MOBA game, did exactly that.

So despite not being the only one to deliver a quality, competitive mobile game as compared to the rest in contention, Mobile Legends simply had the right traits at the right time. It had the singular sense of control of a role-playing game, the complex macro-mechanics of a real-time strategy, and the high-paced action of a fighting game. All of that, combined with the convenience of a mobile platform, made it the most deserving out of them all.