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Go Soul Searching In The Open Water with Fishing and Life | The Download
Posted by Raphael Leynes on September 30, 2019

A gorgeous vista lit up beautifully by the rising sun-perfect for soul searching . The open water where all you hear is the sounds of waves crashing and the low hum of your motorboat as you take it out to sea. An entire aquatic ecosystem teeming with exotic marine life just waiting to be caught by your fishing rod.

This is the experience waiting for you in Nexelon’s Fishing & Life.

Smooth Sailing

As soon as you boot up Fishing and Life, you’re greeted with melodic lo-fi music and the peaceful crashing of waves. It’s pastel, cutout like art style that just channels the vibe of Oxenfree or Night in the Woods, blends perfectly with the background music creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility perfect for contemplation and self-soothing. The game’s five main areas, Sea of Light House, Sea of City, Sea and the Statues, Tranquil Lake and Volcano and Sea are all gorgeously drawn as they cycle through day and night and each have their own distinct background music.

Bait And Switch

The gameplay hook (heh) is simple. You take your boat out to the open water in search for rare fish to find and sell. The money you make will got to upgrading your tools and boat. The better your tools, the rarer fish you get.

The actual fishing is pretty engaging mechanically. You press a button to cast your rod onto the open water. Your lure then swings in a pendulum towards the bottom of your boat hooking fish along the way. You can control and angle the path of your lure by reeling it in avoiding lesser value fish and hopefully catching the bigger ones. Once you land your fish, you can the choose to keep it in your net to sell or put in your Aquarium later, or use it as bait for bigger fish.

The Bait System itself follows a hierarchy similar to the fish you want to catch. When you cast with level 1 bait you can catch up to level 2 fish. Here in lies the main meta game of fishing life. Your higher bait can catch lower level fish making it a waste. Your bait can also be snatched up by higher level fish without the fish being caught and losing your bait in the process. In order to avoid this, you must master navigating your fishing line through the water avoiding both higher level fish and lower level fish. The same process applies to Level 2 bait and so on and so forth.

When you catch these fish you opt to put them in your net which you can bring them home to sell them for a lump sum or put them on display in your Aquarium where they can be visited and generate money for you over time. You can use the money you earn from your fish by upgrading your Rod, Reel, Fisherman level, or Boat that will help you go further down the depths, farther out to the water and basically catch better fish.

Troubled Waters

As a free to play mobile game, it’s inevitable that there will be in-game ads and microtransactions in play here. The most intrusive and most egregious comes by way of the various treasure chests you collect by driving your boat through them these chests have massive amounts of gold inside them but to open them you’re going to have to watch an ad or use microtransactions.

Microtransactions also factor into the Shop where instead of the in-game currency, you can opt to pay in cash for things that make fishing a little easier, like straight up different levels of bait, upgrades and lures that protect your bait from low level fish.

That being said, the microtransactions don’t completely mar the experience of Fishing and Life. It’s still a fun addictive fishing sim with satisfying hooks and gameplay elements.

If you’re ever in the mood for some contemplation on the wide open ocean while in the comfort of your mobile phone, reel in Fishing and Life on IOS and Android.

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