Here Are Our SUPERMANILA Highlights!
Posted by Raphael Leynes October 23, 2019

This weekend’s SUPERMANILA was an absolute blast! Comics fans came from all over the metro join this biggest gathering of the legendary local talent. Here are some of the best highlights. 

All Eyes On The Artists


Photo (C) Comic Odyssey

SUPERMANILA is probably the most high profile event that put the focus solely on the artists and their work. In many ways, the event was a celebration of our local talent that have made big waves in the international comic book scene. Legendary artists like Whilce Portacio, Leinil Yu, and Gerry Alanguilan were just milling around on the show floor, mingling and entertaining excited fans in attendance. Fans were also free to walk up to artist booths and have some art commissioned on their blank covers and event passes. Some artists even offered smaller scale sketches for free to the delight of many.

Photo (C) Comic Odyssey

Even its main stage events focused on various creators insights about the art and comicbook culture. The Rafael Kayanan’s Martial Arts and Comics panel was a highlight, as well as the Make Mine Marvel Panel and the Spider Talk Panel with everyone’s favorite Spider-Man content creator Spider Dan Geromo!


Miguel Mercado Cover Reveal


During the lead up to SUPERMANILA, both Filbar’s and Comic Odyssey teased a secret cover reveal to happen at the big show. Sure enough, the surprise was worth the wait as illustrator and cover artist Miguel Mercado, unveiled his new cover for Archie and Friends Travel #1 with a lovable local twist. The cover featured Archie and the crew out on vacation in Luneta park and grabbing a photo op at the Rizal Memorial. 

Aside from the gorgeous rendering, color and lighting,which is par for the course for Mercado,  the best part of this piece is definitely the little details. Archie is wearing a shirt with “Manila” on it, Betty and Veronica are enjoying some delicious Halo-halo and Jughead is sampling some of our local street food with some good ol’ sisig! 


Whilce Portacio’s New Pilot Commercial

Yesterday, we debuted the new PILOT commercial, starring Whilce Portacio! In case you missed the premiere, check out the awesome commercial below. #SuperManila2019 #Pilotpens #Pilot

Posted by SuperManila on Saturday, October 19, 2019

Pilot, a leading provider of writing and art instruments, unveiled their new commercial featuring the one and only Whilce Portacio! In it the legendary artist of The Punisher and X-Factor and  creator of Bishop talks about having the right tools to harness the constructs of your imagination!


Rocketsheep Stage Time with “Hayop Ka”

Photo (C) Avid Liongoren

Rocketsheep studios, the creators of the revolutionary Saving Sally, took to the stage at SUPERMANILA to talk about their latest animated project “Hayop ka”. Avid Liongoren offered up insight into their animation process and what it takes to create an animated feature in the the philippines. They also gave everyone a sneak peek of the new animated features Hayop Ka and Zsa Zsa Zaturna.



The Best Place for Geeky Merch!

Photo (C) Filbar’s Online

SUPERMANILA was a lot like heaven for fans and collectors of geeky merch! The floor was littered with shirts, mugs, toys, and everything in between that will make any geek happy.

Filbar’s also had some crazy deals going on the whole day, like their “Buy 1 Take 1 Sale” on selected Funko Pops and up to 20% off other selected Pops. On the other side of the fence Comic Odyssey also had a “3 Pops for 1500 PHP” offer that was too good to resist!

SUPERMANILA was also also home to some exclusive items such as X-MEN #1 Whilce Portacio variant, valued at 1200 PHP,  being sold at the amazing price of only 799 PHP! The  X-MEN #1 Premiere variant was also on hand for sale, valued at 3000 PHP, being offered at only 999 PHP!

Even better still is that you could have your favorite artists sign your hauls right there on the floor! I’m sure a lot of merch nuts and collectors were in straight up euphoria out there!


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