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Here Are Some of Cosplays We Saw at ESGS 2019!
Posted by Martin Patino on October 30, 2019

There were a whole lot of cosplayers at ESGS 2019. From video game and anime characters to original characters and costumes derived from video game monsters, there was a whole lot of cosplay featured at the three-day event. Here are some of the cosplay we came across at ESGS 2019!

Here’s Clockwerk from Dota 2 at the PLDT-Smart Cyber City!

Along with Dragon Hunter Freya from Mobile Legends!

Meet Astra, the event hero of ESGS 2019, cosplayed by Awie de Guzman!

Don’t forget to pick up  your quests from Guildmarm, cosplayed by OMGLuie!

Here’s popular streamer and cosplayer Kang Dupet as the Kirin from Monster Hunter World!

Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV took a break from Shadowbringers to visit ESGS 2019!

Here’s Dinny Grayson cosplaying as Lid from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius! Check out that giant hammer!

Laswell and Rain from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, cosplayed by Chun WX and Jin!

Mingmiho cosplayed as Fina from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!

We wish we could’ve taken pictures of all the cosplayers at ESGS 2019! Share your favorite cosplay from ESGS 2019 on our Facebook page!

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