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Here are some of the new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3
Posted by Ram Ronquillo on October 31, 2019

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has just been released for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and continues to be the spooky Nintendo game featuring our favorite green garbed plumber, Luigi.

This time around, Luigi, Polterpup, Mario, Princess Peach, and a couple of Toads go to the luxurious high-rise hotel of the Last Resort for vacation. Luigi awakens in the middle of the night to find the hotel deserted, haunted and his squad missing. It was an elaborate ploy to lure Luigi closer to King Boo, who had been freed from imprisonment after the events of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 not only continues the story of Luigi and his ghost-catching adventures but also introduces new features and mechanics to the game.

While a mostly single-player game, Luigi’s Mansion 3 builds upon the multiplayer features of Dark Moon. The third installment not only brings back the co-op mode, ScareScraper mode, it also debuts the competitive 2v2 game mode, Scare Park.


The game also includes Gooigi, the gooey (as you can guess from the name) doppelganger introduced in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion. Gooigi can move like Luigi but because he is gooey, he can maneuver through gaps in vents and grills as well as traverse spiked floors. The doppelganger has one weakness: water. He will dissolve when comes in contact with the liquid. The addition of Gooigi not only adds another layer to the puzzle-solving, but it also allows a second player to join in to control the goo.


ScareScraper tasks players to clear out 25 floors of a randomly generated high-rise building focusing more on working together. While Scream Park pits teams of 2 against each other to play as either Luigi or Gooigi and compete in three different Mario Party-esque games – Ghost Hunt, Cannon Barrage, and Coin Floating.

Luigi also stumbles a new vacuum gadget – Poltergust G-00. It brings with it its own unique tricks which include firing plungers, jet propulsion, and the flashlight, Strobulb.

Luigi and his new hoover, the Poltergust G-00

These are just some of the new things that Luigi’s Mansion 3. We’re pretty excited to catch some ghosts and continue with Luigi’s adventure. It has been six years since Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, after all.

Photos courtesy of Nintendo.com

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