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Here’s Everything We Know About Supergiant’s New Game, Hades
Posted by Raphael Leynes on December 07, 2018

Supergiant Games, the creator of the critically-acclaimed Bastion and Transistor has just announced their next game, Hades at The Video Game Awards in Los Angeles! We did some digging around and we found out some pretty interesting stuff about the game already. So here’s everything we know about the exciting new game!

You play as Hades’ son

From the trailer, we learned that players will assume control of Hades’ son as he tries to escape from the Underworld. As of the moment, the character is unnamed but with a little cursory research we ran into three offsprings of The God of the Underworld in Greek Mythology. His daughters Melinoe and Macaria and his only son Zagreus.  Of course, it is still unconfirmed whether the narrative of Hades will follow the traditional greek mythos or go on its own path entirely.

It’s a Rogue-like!

Hades marks a lot of firsts for Supergiant games. One of the most notable is that this is the first time they’re delving into developing a rogue-like game.

For the uninitiated, Supergiant describes rogue-likes games best on their FAQs about the game as “combat-oriented games where you get stronger as you fight, (almost) inevitably dying at some point, then carrying that knowledge forward into your next randomized run.” The genre has been popularized in modern gaming with rogue-like hits such as Spelunky, Rogue Legacy and Binding of Isaac.

This is especially exciting news as we can imagine that Supergiant’s acumen for fun,  fast-paced action, tight control and combat mechanics as well as their brilliant level design will lend itself well to the Rogue-like formula. Done right, this will ensure that crawling through the dungeons of the Underworld and confronting its randomly-generated denizens is a unique and exhilarating experience each and every time.

It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Merely a few seconds into watching the reveal trailer and it is immediately apparent that there was a lot of love and artistry put into the visuals of Hades. Supergiant is no stranger to making beautiful games with an entrancing art style but it seems they have outdone themselves here. Hades nails the eerie vibe of the Underworld with its ghostly luminescent lighting, stark black shadows and ominous, gothic architecture. The spell effects and attacks are also beautifully rendered as well with the various flashes and explosions of color as lightning bolts and mystical energy blast across the screen.

It’s Available Now In Early Access on the Epic Games Store

As another first for Supergiant, Hades is its first title that will be available to the public via early access. They go on to assure that they gave their best effort to launch the game  in a “high-quality and problem-free state” so that players won’t have to deal with the game breaking bugs and issues that are usually associated with early access games. Supergiant has also explained that they went with this route because they were interested in developing a game with the help of fan feedback in order to make the game the best that it can be.

Hades is available on the Epic Games Store right now for $19.99. Once purchased, players will no longer be required to re-purchase the game once it leaves early access with its final build. Hades will eventually be available on other platforms once early access is 100% complete.

The Soundtrack is currently available on Youtube!

Supergiant games are known for having powerful and evocative soundtracks courtesy of their resident musical maestro, Darren Korb. You can bet that Hades is no exception. The complete soundtrack to Hades is currently available on  Youtube so be sure to check that out to have a preview of the tone and feel of the game.

There’s a roster of 20 different Characters to meet

Hades is expected to have a roster of 20 different and fully voiced characters for the player to meet. From the trailer, we’ve seen and heard the titular character Hades. We also see a scene where Zeus shows up and offers up a choice of different “Boons of Zeus” which look like abilities that you can choose from. At the latter part of the trailer, we see other character designs are shown such as what we assume were Athena (the owl gives her away), Poseidon, Aphrodite and a fourth character whom we will assume is Hermes because of his one wing. Apart from Hades and his son though, none of the characters have been shown to talk as of the moment.

All in all that’s 6 out of the 20 characters and we can’t wait to see who else from the proverbial patheon shows up.

It plans to incorporate different elements from previous Supergiant Games

Perhaps one of the most important and oddly satisfying thing to learn in our digging through the Hades FAQs is that Supergiant plans to incorporate various elements from their other games into Hades.

To quote:

 “We wanted to make something that combined aspects of all the best ideas we’d picked up over the course of working on our three previous games: the immediacy and accessibility of Bastion, the rich atmosphere and combat depth of Transistor, and the big and colorful cast of characters and forward-moving story structure in Pyre.”

Big things are surely coming with Hades and as a fan, I can’t help but be excited at all the possibilities. Look out for our official preview on Hades coming soon!

Till then, let us know what did you think of the Hades announcement? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up via our Facebook!

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