LCK Playoffs: KT Rolster defeats Samsung Galaxy 3-0, forces Telecom War finale with SKT

Round 2 of the 2017 LCK Spring Split Playoffs was a penultimate to the final siege towards SKT’s throne as two current titans of the Korean League scene went head-to-head in a best-of-5 match in order to decide who gets the chance to do so. Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy, who has recently established itself as a force truly to be reckoned with, the talent-filled squad of KT Rolster was able to rally themselves from their rather inconsistent performance in the regular season and push forth with a very convincing sweep of the series.

Both teams entered Game 1 of the series with typical picks; KT chose reliable engage and snowball potential with Smeb’s Rumble, Score’s Rengar, and Mata’s Malzahar while Samsung chose heavy teamfight positioning and outplay mechanics with Cuvee’s Kennen, Crown’s Taliyah, and Ruler’s Lucian. Despite not getting the early snowball that they wanted, KT still managed to outperform Samsung in both lane pressure and teamfights all over the map, securing for themselves a stable gold lead advantage up until their final push at the 25-minute mark. KT – 1, Samsung – 0.

Interestingly in Game 2, both teams somewhat swapped composition objectives but with Samsung scratching off the engage and going for a higher DPS lineup with Cuvee’s Jayce and Crown’s Syndra. Once again, however, it was the squad of KT Rolster that secured the victory by having Smeb’s Kennen continuously shoving the lanes with his split-push and also Score’s Elise finding the picks for his team with his superior map rotations. After a second teamfight near the Baron pit where KT successfully secured an ace over Samsung, Score and company relentlessly applied multiple lane pressure into the enemy base until they finally reached the nexus. KT – 2. Samsung – 0.

KT was already at match point and, as most similar instances dictate, it was time for both teams to shake things up a bit. It was a game that featured both old and new as Cuvee finally got into a tank role with his Nautilus, Deft locked in his renowned pocket-pick Jinx, Stitch subbed in into a high-risk Kalista, and Pawn flexed a Malzahar into the midlane match-up. Surely enough, it was a tight game between the two as both constantly evened out in the gold lead. But despite Samsung seemingly winning teamfights later on in the mid-to-late game, KT somehow managed to execute successful counter-attacks in order to tip the scales in their favor and extend the game a few crucial minutes longer. After a final teamfight at the center of the map where KT got a clean and fatal ace over Samsung, the five-man squad marched towards the enemy nexus and closed out the game as well as the series. KT – 3, Samsung – 0.

With this win over the second seed that is Samsung Galaxy, KT Rolster landed for themselves a Finals appearance and, more importantly, a double-revenge match against the reigning LCK and Worlds champions, SK Telecom T1. Will they finally be able to topple down Faker and his merry-men? Or will history repeat itself as the red-suited squad claims for themselves another championship title and a ticket to this year’s Mid-Season Invitational? Stay tuned as it all ends this Saturday, 4:00pm PHT.