LCK Summer Split 2017 Week 3: Samsung Galaxy, SK Telecom T1, and KT Rolster share top spot

Three weeks of action has just finished in the League of Legends Champions Korea, three teams share the number one spot and it’s just as expected. Samsung Galaxy, SK Telecom T1, and KT Rolster share the top spot with a 5-1 record.

Despite mixed results in the first week, SK Telecom T1 and KT Rolster found their stride in Week 2 and rode this momentum into Week 3.

SK Telecom T1 handled MVP and afreeca Freecs in SKT fashion to start a four game winning streak. KT Rolster on the other hand took down Jin Air GreenWings in their first series of the week. They then faced the undefeated Samsung Galaxy to close out their week.

KT found early kills in the first game against SSG took this snowball straight to the Nexus of SSG in a dominant performance. SSG answered back in Game 2 in the same dominant fashion forcing the third game. KT started the third game just like Game 1 with a lot of early games and very crisp ganks giving them the early gold lead and momentum. Despite the mid-game composition from SSG, they were just too far behind and lost their first series of the LCK Summer Split 2017.

Samsung Galaxy recovered from their loss later in the week as they closed out Week 3 with a win against Ever8 Winners.

Another team that ended Week 3 with a 2-0 record was Longzhu Gaming who despite losing both their series in Week 2 came back strong in Week 3, sweeping both ROX Tigers and MVP to share a spot with Jin Air GreenWings below the top three teams.

Standings after Week 3 courtesy of

After just three weeks of action in the LCK, it seems like things are back to normal in South Korean League of Legends. KT Rolster and Samsung Galaxy continue to be the biggest challengers against the defending champions.


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