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Legends Of Gods is a Mobile ARPG Based on Chinese Mythology
Posted by Raphael Leynes on July 02, 2019

Legends Of Gods is a mobile ARPG game based on Chinese mythology has officially launched on App Store & Play Store! Brought to us by goGame, and developer Perfect World, a specialist in massive multiplayer online RPG games, the League of Gods will surely have what it takes for an enjoyable and engrossing mobile ARPG experience.  The game features stunning graphics, exciting battle and PVP systems, and a captivating story line that is further brought to life with full voice acting, completely immersing players in the world between heaven and earth, along with rich fantasy elements of familiar heroes and monsters, providing not only a competitive element, but also story-driven adventures.

Players enter the game just as the Jade Emperor “Tian Di” is overthrown and cast into the mortal world by demon rebels led by “Jinchi Dapeng”, “Niumowang”, and the famous Monkey King “Qitian Dasheng”. Players are then tasked with a mission to protect the world, assisting “Tian Di” in reclaiming the heavenly throne by clearing various quests with a team of up to 4″Yuan Shen” – collectible heroes from Chinese mythology with unique character designs, gorgeous action movements, and fully-animated skills with stunning effects.

In celebration of its release Legends of Gods offers the following rewards if you hop on the boat and join now!

● Daily Login Event – Claim daily rewards by clearing quests for 7 days consecutively!
Get rewards even just by logging in!

● Double Drops Event – Get 2x the equipment, materials, and other resources when clearing quests. For a limited period only!

● Lucky Draw Event – Get the S grade heroes at a discounted price of 25%.

● Server Opening Limited Offer – topup within a period of time to get a limited Super Value Pack

● Limited time offer on new outfits – dress up your favorite heroes in new outfits! Brand new outfits for “Qingxia”, “Shennong”, “Yangjian”, “Longnv”, and “Jinchi Dapeng” has been added to the Shop, and is now available on offer for a limited time!

The game is now available on both Android & iOS:

Join the community via their Facebook Fanpage and Discord

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