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LGD Sets Its Sights On Philippine Esports Athletes
Posted by Jason Dayrit December 02, 2019

LGD International is set out to scout, train and coach core players from the Philippines and Southeast Asia to compete in the biggest DOTA 2 tournament popularly known as The International.

New to the local esports scene, Esportsplay Gaming’s Chairman and CEO Mr. Ivan Angelo Cuevas and COO Mr. John Tse, together with LGD’s General Manager Mr. Pan Fei, and LGD CEO Ms. Pan “Ruru” Jie, signed the contract formalizing this promising partnership at the said event.

Esportsplay Gaming has their eyes set on building LGD International’s training headquarters in Pampanga and soon, a gaming area in Cebu. This is just the first step towards their mission to drive esports forward by creating a talent training program and developing an ecosystem.

There was a showmatch at the event where CDEC Avenger member Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son and Ruru herself faced off against their fans. Ruru also participated in a meet and greet session during the event.

The friendly match streamed online via Esportsplay Gaming’s Facebook page and Youtube account casted by Sh1n Boo and Butters. While The National’s Justin Villaseran and known caster from China’s The International C.C. hosted the LGD International Launch Party.

There are no new information regarding the final roster of the local LGD team as of writing.

Now Reading: LGD Sets Its Sights On Philippine Esports Athletes
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