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LoL Worlds 2018: The Eight Knockout Stage Teams Have Been Decided
Posted by Martin Patino on October 18, 2018

The Group Stage of the 2018 League of Legends World Championship saw quite a number of big surprises throughout its 8-day run, including the elimination of Gen.G Esports after only winning 1 game during the entire stage and G2 Esports finally qualifying for the Knockout Stage with a 2nd place finish in their group.

The 2018 Lol World Championship now moves on to the Knockout Stage, the main event of the tournament, where the final eight teams will battle it out in a three-stage, best-of-five bracket.

The Knockout Stage quarterfinals has the 1st place teams from each group matched up against the 2nd place teams from another group, with the caveat that two teams from the same group can’t be grouped in the same bracket branch until the Finals. So teams like Royal Never Give Up and Cloud 9, both from Group B, will find themselves on different branches of the bracket.

Here’s how the bracket for the Knockout Stage quarterfinals looks like:

The quarterfinals of the Knockout Stage will run from October 20 to 21, 2018, with two matches per day. The semifinals will then start on October 27-28, 2018, while the grand finals will be on November 3, 2018. With Gen.G out of the tournament, it’s pretty much anyone’s game at this point.

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