Lunatic-Hai and KD.Panthera to face off in the Overwatch APEX Season 3 Grand Finals

After months of exciting Overwatch play, Season 3 of OGN APEX is coming to a close as defending champions, Lunatic-Hai will face off against Team KongDoo Panthera in the Grand Finals. Lunatic-Hai and KD Panthera clinched their Grand Finals spots after defeating AF.Blue and Team EnVyUs respectively in the Semifinals.

Group Stage #2

For the second Group Stage before the Playoffs, it was AF.Blue and Team EnVyUs that topped Group A. AF.Blue ended the stage undefeated, as they won their matches against Meta Athena and X6-Gaming 3-0. Team EnVyUs meanwhile had a rough start, as they lost in their opening series against X6-Gaming. Though they did answer in their next series, this time winning over X6 and Meta Athena to clinch second in the group.

In Group B, KD Panthera defeated the defending champs Lunatic-Hai in their opening series. KD Panthera then went on to beat LW Blue to secure a spot at the Playoffs. Lunatic-Hai bounced back in their next two series though, as they ended the Group Stage in second place.


Unlike in the previous season, Season 3 of APEX had best-of-seven semifinals series. But both matches ended in just four games as both Lunatic-Hai and KD Panthera swept their semifinals opponents en route to the Grand Finals.

While Lunatic-Hai and AF.Blue’s series was a 4-0 sweep, AF.Blue put up a good fight in multiple rounds. They even had a draw on Game 3 at Hanamura, but it was the defending champions that edged out the victory in the four other rounds.

KD Panthera and EnVyUs’ match was a more one-sided affair. KD Panthera dominated the western team, who had swapped out support player INTERNETHULK for Korean DPS player Effect. Though EnVyUs’ failed to make it to the Finals, this result is markedly better than their last season’s efforts, as they failed to even make the playoffs in season 2.

The Grand Finals match of APEX Season 3 will be held on July 29 at 5:00pm PHT. The third place match will take place first on July 7 at 6:00pm PHT.

Images courtesy of liquipedia.