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Magic Chess: Bang Bang Is Auto Chess With Mobile Legends Champions
Posted by Martin Patino on June 30, 2019

Auto Chess is one of the latest gaming trends in the market right now, due to the sudden popularity of Dota Auto Chess. Several other Auto Chess games based on other franchises have already been released, including an official Dota 2 version called Underloads and Team Fight Tactics for League of Legends, and now an Auto Chess game based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been released, called Magic Chess: Bang Bang.

According to the game’s Play Store page, it features:

  1. Auto play chess

After you buy chess and place them into the battlefield, they will automatically start to fight. The hero skills are so splendid that they would make the game not only an intensive battlefield, but also an artistic visual feast!

  1. Various Strategies

11 species, 10 classes, 50+ featured heroes to choose from. There are various gameplays to be discovered, you can also create your own lineups!

  1. Heroes can be upgraded

You can upgrade the same heroes into a high-star hero. In the game, all the players will share one hero pool, so take your chance to summon a high-star hero, and unlock secret power!

  1. Classic survival gameplay

It’s a classic survival auto chess game of eight players, different species and classes can be restrained by each other. Therefore, you should know your heroes and also your enemies’ strategies to get the best result!

  1. Players around the world will be in the same server

Join the auto chess,the platform designed for you, to compete with multi-countries at the same time!

  1. It’s a fair real-time strategy game

It’s an auto chess real-time strategy game, there is no hero training or paying for stats. At arena of Magic Chess: Bang Bang, all you need is luck, and most importantly, your strategy to victory. All we want is to stay true to the fun of game!

It isn’t clear whether Magic Chess: Bang Bang is an official title from MLBB developer Moonton as the game is listed as being developed by Kaka Games Inc. instead of Moonton. It’s possible that Moonton outsourced development of the game to Kaka Games Inc. but that remains to be confirmed. We’ll just have to wait for an official statement from Moonton, until then the game is available for download for Android on the Play Store.

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