Moira is now live on the main Overwatch servers

After just over a week since Moira was made playable in Public Test Region (PTR), Overwatch’s newest Talon-allied support healer is now available for play in the main Overwatch servers on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Moira’s main attack is Biotic Grasp, which she can use to either sap enemies’ health or heal her allies. Her abilities include Biotic Orb, which launches an orb that bounces off walls and either heals allies or deals damage to enemies. Moira’s next ability is Fade, which enables her to teleport to a short distance. And finally, her ultimate ability Coalescence—a long-range beam that damages enemies and heals allies that is in its path.

As with all other new hero released so far, Moira will be released in Competitive mode after one week.

Hero/Game Mode Updates

Moira is not the only addition to the new Overwatch update, as the long-awaited Mercy nerfs and Ana buff in the PTR is now live; these changes should help in making more support healers viable, instead of Mercy being a must-pick in almost all game. The update also has a minor update for Winston–his Barrier Projector now displays a health bar.

The Overwatch dev team also tweaked the Arcade game mode, as one of the arcade game slots will now change on a daily basis. The game modes on rotation will include Limited Duel, Low Gravity, and Capture the Flag.